Small Block Chevy Parts Testing - Total Recall: Danger Mouse Part 9

A Recap Of Danger Mouse Tests

Mike Petralia May 1, 2003 0 Comment(s)

Test 10: We installed an Edelbrock Performer RPM "Air Gap" intake manifold, which was the best single-gain swap yet and the first test to average over 400 lb-ft of torque.
Max 438 tq, 380 hp
Avg 416 tq, 315 hp

Test 11: We installed a Wilson 1 1/4-inch-tall open carb spacer.
Max 437 tq, 381 hp
Avg 414 tq, 314 hp

Test 12: A larger COMP Cams XE262H cam (262/270 adv duration, 218/224 duration @ .050, .462/.469 valve lift, 110 lobe separation) was installed straight up.
Max 438 tq, 386 hp
Avg 416 tq, 316 hp

Unlucky Test 13: S/R Torquer cylinder heads (January 2003).By Test 12 we had really started to crank out some power, especially considering that DM still wore its stock iron heads and ran a mild camshaft. However, Test 13 really did prove to be an unlucky number, and we were taught a lesson in proper parts matching. The S/R Torquer cylinder heads (which we got from Bill Mitchell's Hardcore Racing Products for only $415 each) set us back a few ponies, probably the result of combustion chambers and valves that were too large compared to the stock heads.


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