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Testing The Nitrous Pro Flow System

Mike Petralia May 1, 2003 0 Comment(s)
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Nitrous Pro Flow Single-Stage Jet Settings
Flowing fuel pressure: 7.5 psi on race gas, 8.5-9 psi on pump gas
Timing retard: 2.5-3 degrees per 50 hp
Bottle pressure: 950-1,000 psi
Recommended fuel: 116-118 octane with any hit above 175 hp

Pro Flow Single-Stage Plate Test
We tested the single-stage Pro Flow plate on our 531-cid Max Rat (see buildup: August '02 issue, page 70) installed in a heavy Chevelle strapped onto Westech's Superflow chassis dyno. The plate added an estimated 364 hp at the flywheel and 300 hp at the tires. The horsepower gain was attained using the recommended 350hp jetting (110-nitrous, 110-fuel) and burning 76 Racing's 118-octane race gas at 7.5 psi. The Chevelle also featured a progressive nitrous controller, which is why the nitrous power increases mildly first, then rises sharply above 6,000 rpm.

Test 1: Corrected Rear-Wheel Horsepower (CRWHP) on motor only
Test 2: Estimated Flywheel Horsepower (EFWHP) on motor only
Test 3: Corrected Rear-Wheel Horsepower (CRWHP) with Pro Flow plate
Test 4: Estimated Flywheel Horsepower (EFWHP) with Pro Flow plate

Max Motor Only CRWHP 717hp @ 7100
Max Motor Only EFWHP 918 @ 7100*
Max Pro Flow CRWHP 1016 @ 7300
Max Pro Flow EFWHP 1282 @ 7300*

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Superflow's chassis dyno estimates flywheel power based on vehicle data and the corrected rear-wheel power. However, we think the chassis dyno's estimate is a little low based on the fact that this very same engine made 980 motor-only hp (vs. 918 estimated) on Westech's Superflow 901 engine dyno weeks before. That's about 6.5 percent more power than estimated in the chassis dyno test session. This is most likely due to the fact that the chassis dyno software cannot possibly know exactly how much the inertia drag of items like the flywheel, torque converter, transmission, drivetrain, and even the wheels and tires is. So the computer is extra-conservative in its estimate, but since this figure is only an estimate, we won't loose any sleep over it.


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