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Testing The Nitrous Pro Flow System

Mike Petralia May 1, 2003 0 Comment(s)
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You've probably read or heard it someplace before that nitrous systems have been around for a very long time, and in that period, they've proven themselves as reliable power adders time and again. However, until now, most basic nitrous systems haven't advanced much past their original beginnings. The guys at Wilson Manifolds have changed all that by adding a whole new nitrous division to their lineup. Wilson's Nitrous Pro Flow system is much more than just another carb spacer with spray bars stuffed in it. What Keith Wilson, owner of Wilson Manifolds, and his team set out to do several years ago, when development of the Pro Flow systems began, was to re-engineer the way nitrous and fuel gets sprayed into the engine.

One of the biggest problems with some of the older nitrous plate designs is that they had trouble getting an equal amount of fuel and N2O into each runner. Of course, a lot of that has also to do with how well the intake manifold works, so don't expect a Pro Flow system to solve your problems if you're putting it on a swap-meet-special intake manifold that looks like two chipmunks tried porting it with jackhammers. Ideally, you'd want to match up a Nitrous Pro Flow system with a specially CNC-ported Wilson intake manifold, as we've done here. They're available from either Edelbrock or from Wilson, directly, to fit many performance applications. Check out the chassis dyno test we performed using a single-stage Pro Flow plate and some of the plate's features we've highlighted here.




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