Trick Flow Heads - 23 Degrees Of Separtation

There Are Lots Of 23-Degree Chevy Heads But Trick Flow's Stand Out

Tony Kelly Jul 1, 2002 0 Comment(s)

Material: A356-T61 aluminum
Combustion Chamber Volume: 64cc or 72cc
Intake Port Volume: 195cc
Intake Port Dimensions: 2.07 inches high x 1.26 inches wide
Exhaust Port Volume: 75cc
Exhaust Port Dimensions: 1.35 inches high x 1.50 inches wide
Valve Type: CNC-profiled, one piece, non-magnetic stainless steel with hardened tips
Intake Valve: 2.02-inch head diameter, 11/32-inch stem diameter, 4.96-inch OAL
Exhaust Valve: 1.6-inch head diameter, 11/32-inch stem diameter, 4.980-inch OAL
Valve Guides: Bronze alloy, .500-inch O.D.
Seals: Viton
Valve Seats: Tungsten alloy, compatible with unleaded fuels
Valve Springs:1.260-inch springs
1.260-inch O.D. single with damper110 lb at 1.700 inches installed height290 lb at 1.200 inches360 lb per inch spring rate.520 inch max valve lift

1.470-inch springs
1.470-inch O.D. single with damper
120 lb at 1.780 iches. installed height
300 lb at 1.280 inches
360 lb per inch spring rate
.540 inch max valve lift

1.460-inch springs
1.460-inch O.D. double with damper
125 lb at 1.780 inches installed height
376 lb at 1.180 inches
420 lb per inch spring rate.600 inch max valve lift

Valve Locks: 7 degree stamped steel on all 1.25-inch springs, 7 degree + .050 inch machined steel on all other spring versions
Valve Retainers: Chrome-moly steel
Max rpm: 6,500
Rocker Studs: ARP 3/8 inch included with all heads
Guideplates: For use with 5/16-inch hardened pushrods, included with all heads
OEM Accessory Holes: Yes

Note: The use of a valvetrain combination that exceeds the maximum valve lift will void the warranty. Piston-to-valve clearance must be checked in all cases.

Recommended Components for 23-Degree Heads
Head Gasket: Fel-Pro 7733PT-2 for mild engines up to 4.060-inch boreFel-Pro 1010 for high output engines up to 4.155-inch bore (will not indent aluminum heads)Fel-Pro 1014 with pre-drilled steam holes for 400 engines (must modify heads)
Intake Gasket: Fel-Pro 1205
Exhaust Gasket: Fel-Pro 1404
Head Gasket Kits: TFS-30400905 for mild engines up to
4.060-inch bore (pre-1987 only)Head Bolts: ARP-134-3601 (6 pt.) or ARP-134-3701 (12pt.)
Head Studs: ARP-134-4001 (6 pt.) or ARP-234-4301 (12 pt.)
Moly Lube: ARP-100-9902
RTV sealer: Permatex Ultra Black #598BR
Thread sealer: Permatex Aviation Form-A-Gasket #3H
Thread locker: Loctite Blue #242 for medium strength applications or Loctite Red #272 for high-strength

Roller Rocker Arms: Crane Gold Race 1.5 ratio 11750-16 or 1.6 ratio 11759-16
Trick Flow 1.5 ratio TFS-31400510 or 1.6 ratio TFS-31400511Summit 1.5 ratio SUM-G6910 or 1.6 ratio SUM-G6920

Note: All rockers fit 3/8-inch studs.If you use other brand rockers, you must check them for operating clearances and proper geometry. Stamped steel rockers should be used only with stock or very mild cams.