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Trick Flow Heads - 23 Degrees Of Separtation

There Are Lots Of 23-Degree Chevy Heads But Trick Flow's Stand Out

Tony Kelly Jul 1, 2002
Sucp_0207_02_z Trick_flow_heads Package 2/6

Here's the package. All these parts are selected to work together, as our results prove.

We had heard good things about Trick Flow Specialties 23-degree aluminum heads. If the claim was true that we could expect serious horsepower gains over stock heads and even some aftermarket cast-iron heads, well then we just had to get our hands on a set. There was a project car going together that had a rebuilt stock 350 small-block and it was just right for finding out about "bolt-on" horsepower. With help from Summit Racing Equipment, we worked out a performance package that was reasonable for a street-driven '56 Bel Air and that would allow us to measure the impact of Trick Flow's heads.

Summit sent us a hydraulic Comp Cam and lifters, the Trick Flow Heads with pushrods and rockers, along with the very cool Trick Flow valve covers.

Summit Part Numbers were as follows:
1.CCA-12-242-2 Comp Cam
2. CCA-812-16 Hydraulic Lifters
3. TFS-30400001 Trick Flow 23-degree Aluminum Heads
4. TFS-21407850 Trick Flow 7.850 Chrome-moly Pushrods
5. TFS-31400510 Trick Flow Rockers, 1.5 Ratio, 3/8-inch Stud
6. TFS-31500802 Trick Flow Tall Valve Covers

Sucp_0207_03_z Trick_flow_heads Engine 3/6

The baseline was run with the engine assembled using the stock Chevy cast-iron heads.

The engine was built for civilized street performance with approx. 8.5:1 compression, a 650-cfm four bbl., and a TH350. The cam and valvetrain components were installed along with the original Chevy cast-iron heads. Then we did a baseline dyno run at the Primedia Tech Center. It turned out to be a fairly healthy little motor cranking out 215 hp with 300 lb-ft of torque. We had the feeling that it might take quite a bit to raise these numbers noticeably.

Once the Chevy iron heads were replaced with the Trick Flow Aluminum 23-degree set, we rolled the Tri-Five back on the same dyno. What a jolt! By simply bolting on these heads, we went to 270 hp and 341 lb-ft of torque. Wow! It's not that easy to get 55 more horsepower and over 40 lb-ft of torque, but we were looking at the proof. Of course, the car felt quicker and faster, but that seat-of-the-pants feel isn't like looking at the results of a dyno run. Remember, all we changed were the heads, so this is a 25 percent increase in ponies and close to 14 percent in stump-pulling power by just changing parts.

Yes, we know that these parts will set you back several hundred bucks, but there is very little else you can get for that price that will give you this big of a jump in power. It's also great to see the rpm range in which this power is achieved. There is a steady climb of horsepower that brings the maximum on line right around 5,000 rpm. That's a range reasonable for the street and a limit that should keep a small-block alive a long time, especially one with hydraulic lifters.

After our dyno time we spoke to Trick Flow and learned that they spent considerable engineering effort perfecting the runner design. The quality control on manufacture is such that runners and ports are extremely faithful to the design specs, avoiding the need for builders to do CNC-porting or other refinements when they purchase the heads. Our results seem to bear this out as the test results reflect "out-of-the-box" condition of all components. For street-driven cars that are meant to stay civilized these Trick Flow 23-degree aluminum heads are definitely worth a try.

23-Degree Heads for Small Chevy
Technical Specifications: Trick Flow 23-DegreeAluminum Cylinder Heads for SBC

Material: A356-T61 aluminum
Combustion Chamber Volume: 64cc or 72cc
Intake Port Volume: 195cc
Intake Port Dimensions: 2.07 inches high x 1.26 inches wide
Exhaust Port Volume: 75cc
Exhaust Port Dimensions: 1.35 inches high x 1.50 inches wide
Valve Type: CNC-profiled, one piece, non-magnetic stainless steel with hardened tips
Intake Valve: 2.02-inch head diameter, 11/32-inch stem diameter, 4.96-inch OAL
Exhaust Valve: 1.6-inch head diameter, 11/32-inch stem diameter, 4.980-inch OAL
Valve Guides: Bronze alloy, .500-inch O.D.
Seals: Viton
Valve Seats: Tungsten alloy, compatible with unleaded fuels
Valve Springs:1.260-inch springs
1.260-inch O.D. single with damper110 lb at 1.700 inches installed height290 lb at 1.200 inches360 lb per inch spring rate.520 inch max valve lift

1.470-inch springs
1.470-inch O.D. single with damper
120 lb at 1.780 iches. installed height
300 lb at 1.280 inches
360 lb per inch spring rate
.540 inch max valve lift

1.460-inch springs
1.460-inch O.D. double with damper
125 lb at 1.780 inches installed height
376 lb at 1.180 inches
420 lb per inch spring rate.600 inch max valve lift

Valve Locks: 7 degree stamped steel on all 1.25-inch springs, 7 degree + .050 inch machined steel on all other spring versions
Valve Retainers: Chrome-moly steel
Max rpm: 6,500
Rocker Studs: ARP 3/8 inch included with all heads
Guideplates: For use with 5/16-inch hardened pushrods, included with all heads
OEM Accessory Holes: Yes

Note: The use of a valvetrain combination that exceeds the maximum valve lift will void the warranty. Piston-to-valve clearance must be checked in all cases.

Recommended Components for 23-Degree Heads
Head Gasket: Fel-Pro 7733PT-2 for mild engines up to 4.060-inch boreFel-Pro 1010 for high output engines up to 4.155-inch bore (will not indent aluminum heads)Fel-Pro 1014 with pre-drilled steam holes for 400 engines (must modify heads)
Intake Gasket: Fel-Pro 1205
Exhaust Gasket: Fel-Pro 1404
Head Gasket Kits: TFS-30400905 for mild engines up to
4.060-inch bore (pre-1987 only)Head Bolts: ARP-134-3601 (6 pt.) or ARP-134-3701 (12pt.)
Head Studs: ARP-134-4001 (6 pt.) or ARP-234-4301 (12 pt.)
Moly Lube: ARP-100-9902
RTV sealer: Permatex Ultra Black #598BR
Thread sealer: Permatex Aviation Form-A-Gasket #3H
Thread locker: Loctite Blue #242 for medium strength applications or Loctite Red #272 for high-strength

Roller Rocker Arms: Crane Gold Race 1.5 ratio 11750-16 or 1.6 ratio 11759-16
Trick Flow 1.5 ratio TFS-31400510 or 1.6 ratio TFS-31400511Summit 1.5 ratio SUM-G6910 or 1.6 ratio SUM-G6920

Note: All rockers fit 3/8-inch studs.If you use other brand rockers, you must check them for operating clearances and proper geometry. Stamped steel rockers should be used only with stock or very mild cams.

Pipe Plugs and Adapters:1/2-inch pipe plug-Aeroquip FCM-3749 (for plugging unused temperature sender hole)Adapter busing (1/2-inch male to 3/8-inch female)-Aeroquip FCM-2139 (for adapting 3/8-inch temperature sender)
Pushrods: Refer to enclosed instruction manual.
Headers: Will fit most headers. Check for proper fitment before installing heads on the engine. Refer to the Checking Header Clearance section in the instruction manual.
Spark Plugs: The following spark plugs are recommended as a starting point:AC-FR3LSAutolite-324Champion-RC9YCNGK-FR5

Note: Make heat range adjustments based on tuning results. Blower and nitrous applications will require you to run a colder heat range spark plug. Try several heat ranges as needed.

Important Information For Emissions Inspection
Trick Flow Specialties 23-Degree Aluminum Heads for '95-and-earlier 262-400-cid Chevrolet gasoline engines PN TFS-30400001 has been found not to reduce the effectiveness of required vehicle pollution control devices and are therefore exempt under California Vehicle Section 27156 permitting the advertising, sale, and installation of these parts for the 262-400-cid small-block Chevrolet V-8 gasoline engines.

This information is provided with the 23-Degree Cylinder Head. It can be presented at a smog inspection station during a smog check.


Trick Flow Specialties
Tallmadge, OH 44278
Summit Racing
Akron, OH



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