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Power Adders From A to Z

Jason Walker Nov 1, 2001
Sucp_0111_01_z Turbocharger_supercharger_systems Nitrous_works 2/19

The Nitrous Works
The Nitrous Works (1450 McDonald Rd., Dept SC, Dahlonega, GA 30533, 706/ 864-7009, offers an entry-level system that will deliver 50 additional horsepower, or serious power kits that can produce 250 horsepower or more. They also offer a line of LT1 kits that produce easy power gains for late models. All Nitrous Works kits are engineered to offer safe, efficient, user-friendly products for the street and strip.

Forced induction, what more could you ask for? It just sounds sexy, doesn't it? Long gone are the days when superchargers were, for the most part, found on Dragsters and Pro Street cars only. We now have the opportunity and choice to add serious power-producing huffers to just about anything on the road. No matter if your cruisin' a '55 Chevy or '00 Camaro, there is a street-legal supercharger, blower, or turbo that will bolt right in and produce neck-snapping results. It's easy to understand how forcing more air and fuel into the combustion chamber is going to produce such amazing results. In simple terms, bolting any type of forced air induction system will give a stock motor between 30-50 percent horsepower increase (providing your motor isn't "weak in the knees"). That's enough to give any of your buddies a friendly run for his money.

The three basic types of belt-driven superchargers are the Roots type, like the GMC blowers seen on drag and Pro Street cars, the screw type such as the Whipple, and centrifugal blowers like ATI, Paxton, and Vortec, which are basically belt-driven turbo chargers.

Sucp_0111_03_z Turbocharger_supercharger_systems Paxton 3/19

As far a centrifugal superchargers go, Paxton (2146 Eastman Ave., Dept SC, Oxnard, CA 93030, 805/ 604-1336, offers blowers for just about any Chevy V-8 made. With its new line of Novi '00 kits, anyone can pump up to 9 pounds of boost into small- and big-block Chevy Vortec engines. The Novi, as well as many other kits offered by Paxton, are street legal in all 50 states. Most of Paxton's kits are designed for easy installation in a matter of hours and can add 40 percent more horsepower while retaining factory accessories and driveability.

Turbochargers are another way of producing serious power. Because turbochargers are exhaust driven, instead of belt driven, they tend to take a second to kick in, but when they do, turbos are as potent as any other forced air induction system.

Dollar for dollar, superchargers and turbos will bring new life to your puddle jumper no matter if it's street, strip, or anywhere in between. It's pretty safe to say that if you drive a Chevy (which, of course, you do), there is a supercharger on the market to fit your ride, just take a look on the next few pages and see a little of what's out there and what it might take to add another 100 or so horsepower to your machine's powerhouse.

Sucp_0111_04_z Turbocharger_supercharger_systems Vortech_kit 4/19

Vortech Engineering
For years Vortech Engineering (1650 Pacific Ave., Dept SC, Channel Islands, CA 93033, 805/ 247-0226, has been one of the leaders in centrifugal supercharging. The kit shown above, is the V9 G-Trim for the LS1 Camaro. Bolting this kit in will produce an amazing 125 ponies to the rear wheels. This kit also includes their new Maxflow Power Cooler "aftercooler," so named because it is mounted after the supercharger and cools the discharged air. It works by pumping water from a 1-gallon reservoir through a heat exchanger and on to the aftercooler. This results in a 75-80 percent reduction in discharge temperature.

Sucp_0111_05_z Turbocharger_supercharger_systems Turbo_city 5/19

Turbo City
Turbo City (1137 West Katella Ave., Dept SC, Orange, CA 92867, 714/ 639-4933, is one of the largest re-manufacturers of automotive turbochargers in the United States. With hundreds of different units in stock, if they don't have the turbo you need, they can rebuild your turbo in less than 24 hours or provide methods for you to rebuild your turbo yourself.

Dyers Machine Service
Dyers Machine Service (7665 W. 63rd St., Dept SC, Summit, IL 60501, 708/496-8100) has been offering a full line of supercharger products for decades, including carburetors, intake manifolds, fuel lines, and complete street blower kits. Dyers supercharger kits come with heavy-duty steel gears, oversized dowel pins, triple-pinned rotors, high-speed bearings, and double lip seals.

Littlefield Superchargers
For well over 20 years, Littlefield Superchargers (1114 E. Kimberley, Dept SC, Anaheim, CA 92801, 714/992-9292) has been supplying drag racers and street demon enthusiasts with Roots-type blowers, drive kits, and custom installation accessories. Littlefield also offers a complete line of billet parts, including long and short snouts, manifolds for tall and standard deck heights, a variety of pulleys, idler brackets, carburetor spacers and adapters, and many more.

Sucp_0111_06_z Turbocharger_supercharger_systems Kuhl_superchargers 6/19

Kuhl Superchargers
Kuhl Superchargers (2222 W. 2nd St., Dept SC, Santa Ana, CA 92703, 714/ 547-7071, www.kuhlsuperchargers) has made quite a reputation in the drag racing world with their 14-71 Top Fuel blower which has trickled down to their smaller 6-71 supercharger for the street. A great deal of quality and service go into all the blower products manufactured by Kuhl. Drive kits are available with a wide variety of belt and pulley styles, snout lengths, accessory drives and crank hubs, or harmonic dampner-type drives. This allows Kuhl to outfit nearly all Chevy V-8 engines with a supercharger kit.

Supercharger Systems
Serving some of the best names in the drag racing world, Supercharger Systems (17981 Englewood Dr., Dept SC, Middleburg Hts., OH 44130, 216/243-8668) has found out what it takes build quality products. Their Street Drive System also features a twin-grove lower pulley that attaches to the front of the harmonic balancer, driving the stock water pump, alternator, and most other accessories without modification. The Street Drive System also incorporates a factory-style water jacket complete with thermostat housing in the front of the manifold.

Inglese Induction Systems
For the ultimate "injection-like" appearance, Inglese (400 S. Orchard St. Rt. 5, Dept SC, Wallingford, Ct 06492, 203/265-7417) offers Dual Inline IDF Webers on a manifold designed specifically for GMC-style superchargers. This package comes complete and ready to run. It measures 11 1/4 inches from base to the top of the optional scoop, making it perfect for that through-the-hood look.

Sucp_0111_09_z Turbocharger_supercharger_systems Blower_drive 7/19

Blower Drive Service
With a combination of experience and a broad line of supporting equipment and technical service, BDS ( 12140 E. Washington Blvd., Dept SC, Whittier, CA 90606, 562/693-4302) can provide you with nearly everything required to complete your supercharged project. Blowers range in size from a 4-71-capable of 500 hp on a small-block-up to ground-pounding 14-71 blowers used on fuel Funny Cars. Add to this their state-of-the-art fuel injection systems for blown applications, and you're left with supercharging at its best.

Sucp_0111_10_z Turbocharger_supercharger_systems Powerdyne 8/19

The Powerdyne (104-C East Ave. K-4, Dept SC, Lancaster, CA 93535, 661/723-2800, Power-Plus Centrifugal Supercharger will provide 40 to 50 percent more delivered horsepower and torque and do it efficiently, reliably, and quietly with no loss of driveabilty or daily ease of operation. The new Powerdyne Power Plus Supercharger is factory lubricated for life, with cool running high-tech Ceramic ball bearings and durable wide-temperature-range synthetic lubricant. This kit comes ready to install.

Innovative Turbo Systems
Being in the turbo business for over 50 years, Innovative Turbo System (845 Easy Street, Unit 102, Dept SC, Simi Valley, CA 93065, 805/526-5400, can upgrade and remanufacture most OEM turbochargers. They also offer compressor, bearing, and turbine upgrades that meet and exceed the same high standards as their new turbos. Innovative also offers a full line of replacement parts and accessories to add or complete your turbo package.

Wilson Manifolds
The Wilson Pro Flow nitrous system from Wilson Manifolds (4700 N.E. 11th Ave., Dept. SC, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33334, 954/771-6216, has totally rethought the spray bar design and uses a unique Fan Spray Tube Technology to eliminate lean corners and help keep motors alive while making from 175 to 350-plus hp with a single plate.

Weiand (Div. of Holley Performance Products, 1801 Russellville Rd., Dept. SC, Bowling Green, KY 42102-7360, 270/781-9741, has added many new enhancements to its 6-71/8-71 Roots-style superchargers. These blowers use a new two-lobe rotor design that improves boost by 14 percent. A new rotor case was also developed to eliminate the remanufactured components prevalent in other 6-71/8-71 superchargers.

Nitrous Oxide Systems (1357 E. Grand Avenue, Dept. SC, Pomona, CA, 91766, 714/545-0580. For nearest dealer: 800/HOLLEY1. Or visit: delivers 125 instant horsepower with its Dry LS1 system (PN 05177). "Dry" means the nitrous is injected into the air intake track while the factory ECU adds the extra fuel. The benefits of a dry system include: excellent atomization of the extra fuel and highly precise, predictable, and reliable nitrous injection.

The Edelbrock (2700 California St., Dept. SC, Torrance, CA 90503, 310/782-2900, nitrous systems are available to fit any spread-bore, square-flange, or 4500-series intake manifold. Two levels of nitrous kits are available: Performer, which can add 50-100 hp, and the Performer RPM, which can pump up power from 100-250 ponies.

Nitrous Express
The Gemini Twin direct-port plate system from Nitrous Express (4923 Lake Park Dr., Dept. SC, Witchita Falls, TX 76302, 888/463-2781, solves the distribution problems commonly found with nitrous plates. The unique mounting of twin spray bars on both sides of the plate assures a perfect nitrous/fuel mix to each cylinder, according to its manufacturer.

Sucp_0111_26_z Turbocharger_supercharger_systems Gale_banks_twin_turbo 15/19

Gale Banks Engineering
Before Gale Banks Engineering (546 Duggan Ave., Dept SC, Azusa, CA 91702, 800/Get-Power, had a reputation for boosting power in trucks and motorhomes, it was known for pushing the envelope in the hot rod world with their cutting edge twin-turbo engine technology. In fact Gale Banks has set several land speed records including, World's Fastest Passenger Car, World's Fastest Piston-engine Automobile, and the World's Fastest Pickup Truck using all Banks technology.

Sucp_0111_25_z Turbocharger_supercharger_systems Hamton_blower 16/19

Hampton Blowers
Hampton Blowers (11255 Woodruff Ave Unit C, Dept SC, Downey, CA 90241, 562/803-9484) has been a pioneer in Roots-type blowers since 1957. Hampton offers one of the most complete lines of street kits and manifolds for all small- and big-block Chevy engines. New and rebuilt blowers (in 4-71 to 14-71 sizes) are available individually or in custom kit form.

ATI (14801 West 114th Terrace, Dept. SC, Lenexa, KS 66215, 913/338-2886, offers a new lineup of ProCharger competition superchargers featuring a radical "Extended Inducer" billet impeller design coupled with upgraded transmissions in the new D-1X, D-1R, D-2R and D-3R models. Thanks to these improvements, the ProCharger race superchargers are now even more powerful, durable, and compact.

Mooneyham Blowers
Gene Mooneyham was one of the first to recognize the merits of adapting the GMC-71 series blowers to drag racing back in the '50s. Mooneyham (13406 Lakewood Blvd., Dept SC, Bellflower, CA 90706, 562/634-5192, offers 6-, 8-, 10-, 12-, and 14-71 sizes in aluminum and 12-, and 14-71 sizes in magnesium, as well as a complete line of manifolds, carb adapters, pulleys, belts, brackets, and more.

Whipple Industries
The WhippleCharger is a high-efficiency screw compressor that delivers 88 percent volumetric efficiency. Small- and big-block Chevy kits can produce a 50 percent increase in horsepower using just 7 pounds of boost. Whipplecharger's (3292 North Weber, Dept SC, Fresno, CA 93722, 559/442-1261, positive displacement, twin-screw design has no boost lag or cruise boost and features extremely quiet operation.



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