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World Products' Motown 220 Breathes Like A Ported Head Out Of The Box

Barry Kluczyk Jul 1, 2001 0 Comment(s)
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The MoTown 220 head is named for its 220cc intake ports. For comparison, a stock-type small-block head has 170cc intake ports, while World's own Sportsman II head has 200cc ports. With the 220, it's almost like getting a ported head right out of the box.

The MoTown head is designed for hydraulic and solid roller cams. Manley springs are used in complete assemblies, with 1.437-inch dual-springs on hydraulic applications and 1.550-inch duals for solid rollers. The heads are designed for screw-in rocker arm studs, too.

World Products sells bare MoTown heads, but they offer complete assemblies, which seems like the hot setup to us. As an OE supplier, World's manufacturing process conforms to OE-style quality standards.


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