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Breathing New Life Into A Third-Gen Camaro With A Gm Zz4 Conversion Kit

Shane Reichardt May 1, 2001 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0105_07_z 1982_camaro_zz4_conversion_kit Covered_fenders 2/35

In preparation for the swap we removed the hood and covered the fenders to avoid scratches.

When all was said and done the installation process was the least of our concerns. What really mattered was how the thing performed when we were finished. After following standard procedures for engine break-in we found that the ZZ4 conversion was exactly what this (or any) Third-Generation Camaro needs. The power is smooth and the torque comes in at low rpm and continues well into the 700-R4's shift pattern. For the price this package is one of the best bargains available, and our Third-Gen Camaro now performs better than ever!

Fuelin' Much Better, Doc
Tired engines are only part of the problem with a car that's got some mileage. Years of wear and tear take their toll. The carburetor was one component we knew was causing a few problems.

Sucp_0105_09_z 1982_camaro_zz4_conversion_kit Old_wiring 3/35

Before pulling out the old engine all wiring and hoses were disconnected. Then the engine was unbolted.

The carburetor on our Camaro had a few bad seals, which allowed vacuum leaks. In addition, the choke wasn't quite working properly, making the car hard to start in the mornings. These problems were clear indicators that we wouldn't realize the car's potential with the new engine unless they were fixed.

GM includes new metering rods as part of their kit. We choose to take the new rods and the entire carburetor to the folks at JET for a complete rebuild. This made all the difference and could be part of the reason our car fired on the second crank.




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