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Breathing New Life Into A Third-Gen Camaro With A Gm Zz4 Conversion Kit

Shane Reichardt May 1, 2001 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0105_16_z 1982_camaro_zz4_conversion_kit Sensor 2/35

The new manifolds have ports for the EGR system as well as for the O2 sensor-all required for a clean running car.

Though the ZZ4 comes complete with its own distributor, the unit will not work with the computers on the Camaro. This required using the old distributor.

After cleaning up the old unit, the drive gears were swapped from the ZZ4's distributor to the old unit.

Since we were using the factory 305 distributor we decided to make sure everything was in good order. We fitted the unit with a new cap and rotor from MSD.

Some Third-Generation Camaros are already fitted with an in-tank electric fuel pump. The manual pump port should be blocked off on the ZZ4. GM includes a new electric fuel pump kit. Removing and reinstalling the fuel tank was a bit difficult, but fairly straightforward.

One thing the ZZ4 didn't come with was a new starter. Fortunately, our donor car had a fairly new unit.

Sucp_0105_17_z 1982_camaro_zz4_conversion_kit Distributor 3/35

After the starter was installed the engine was lowered into place.

A new Electronic Spark Control module replaces the existing one. This ESC fits into the same location behind the brake master cylinder.

JET began by completely disassembling the old carb. This shot shows the metering rods, which were replaced with the new GM rods.

Once apart, all of the components were cleaned in a special chemical bath.




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