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Torq ZL1 Power Packages - Center Stage

Testing Torq's ZL1 power packages

Justin Cesler Sep 19, 2012
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For everything that is amazing about the new ZL1, there is one major problem. It's called the GT500, and as far as stock for stock horsepower is concerned, it's not even close. While the ZL1 rolls from the factory with an amazing 580 hp, the GT500 slays it with a conservatively rated 662. On paper, that's 82 hp, but in the real world we've seen as much as a 100hp difference to the tires. It sucks, but there isn't anything we can do about it. Actually, that's not true, there is a lot we can do about it thanks to the awesome aftermarket support pouring out from speed shops across the country. And, when you really think about it, who cares what it belts out stock? We never leave anything stock around here and neither do you…

One such purveyor of aftermarket speed is Torq Speedlab located in Miramar, FL. Torq built a reputation for themselves based around the fifth-gen Camaro platform and have raced and built several highly successful fifth-gens in almost every aspect of competitive racing across the country for the last several years. Erik Cederberg, the company's Operations Manager, campaigned the infamous black Camaro, which gave closed, open, and parking lot road racers chills every time it entered into competition. To say that Torq likes proven, reliable, drive-it-anywhere and win-it-all power would be an understatement. For them, it's all about the data and the results.

So when we heard Torq's ZL1 had finally come in, we knew we had to check out what the speed gurus had to offer. After a couple of phone calls, we had a plan to cover the initial testing of Torq's Stage 1, 2, and 3 packages. Now, this wasn't just a "check out our parts" thing; we were on hand for the very first testing and even when things didn't go our way, we recorded it. It's how it works when you're trying to go fast. Sometimes you make power; sometimes you have 195-degree intake air temps… But that's testing, and that's how you end up with proven power combos. So, stick with us as we run through the packages and show you what does and doesn't work. Pick the right combo and you're gong to be slaying GT500s in no time.



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