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Top End Portion of SALT's Engine - Top Down

Part 2: Vengeance Racing puts the finishing touches on SALT’s standing-mile-ready 370–cubic-inch powerplant

Justin Cesler Feb 14, 2012
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They say Rome wasn't built in a day and that's a statement we suspect an engine builder probably came up with. Not that building an engine is a painful process, in fact it is quite fun given the right team, but it definitely takes a significant amount of time to do it correctly. Last we left you, SALT's new short-block had just been wrapped up and transported from ProLine Racing to Vengeance Racing for the completion of the build. Today we can show you how that all went down, although we will spare you the hours of grueling measurements, tweaks, test fits and checks, fueled almost exclusively by Redbull and cold pizza.

Like any good build, the top-end portion of SALT's engine was born from weeks of planning. We've been eyeing a set of Trick Flow Specialties (TFS) fully CNC-machined GenX 235cc heads for a while now and felt that SALT was the perfect test bed for the hot cathedral port offerings. With 235cc intake runners (80cc exhaust), 70cc combustion chambers and a great price point, the TFS heads have a lot going for them right out of the box. After talking to TFS about our goals, we were ready to pull the trigger until we caught wind of a couple potential "tweaks" that the crew over at Total Engine Airflow had come up with for the GenX heads. Suffice it to say, we let them run wild and had TEA not only setup our heads for a big spring package (solid roller friendly), but we told them to go ahead and do what they do best, adding a quality back cut and blue printed intake valve with a competition multi-angle valve job and chamber blend to our already CNC'd units. All of that adds up to over 343-cfm at .600-inches of lift, which is great for a little 2.080-inch valve. What we got from this lethal combo was a set of heads that we felt confident in running for a long time to come and a great bang for our buck in the upper deck of our engine program.

With the cylinder heads selected and on the way to us, our next step was to choose a camshaft that would support our power goals (1,000+hp) and work harmoniously with the rest of our combination. With a little bit of luck, we managed to bend the ear of the one and only Steve Petty of ProLine and Outlaw 10.5 fame, who was kind enough to spec us a killer solid roller camshaft that was cut by Crane Cams to his specifications. Never one to shy away from big power, Steve decided to run a massive .750/.750-inch lift bumpstick in our little 370, with 256/262 degrees of duration at .050 cut on a 116 degree lobe separation angle, which Steve advised we install on a 112-degree ICL. Minimum RPM: 3800, Maximum RPM: 7400 – aka, this is not for the street. At all. Ever. But, we're okay with that, since the big solid roller should make a ton of steam down track and let us spin our relatively small engine to the moon, keeping us in the power band in high gear.

Riding high on the lobes, ProLine chose a set of Crane Cams solid link-bar lifters, which were selected to actuate a set of T&D Machine 1.7:1 ratio shaft-mount rocker arms that were built by T&D Machine specifically to work with the Trick Flow cylinder heads. These bolt-on aluminum rockers will allow Vengeance to quickly and accurately adjust "hot" lash on our valvetrain, and since the rockers feature huge bearings, roller tips and 12-point jam nuts, we will be able to count on them for a long time to come. Rounding out our top-end, we chose to add a little bit of show to our go, dropping a set of cast aluminum high-rise Vengeance Racing valve covers atop the Trick Flow cylinder heads, which look awesome in black and gave us plenty of room for the large T&D rocker arms to do what they needed to do. The Vengeance valve covers will also allow us to add proper ventilation to the engine once we get up and running, which is something we will cover in an upcoming installment of this series.

With the big stuff on the way, it was time to choose our supporting cast of characters, the workhorses of our engine program that will keep oil moving through the engine, water through the block and harmonics out of the rotating assembly. You know, the nitty-gritty but especially important stuff if you want everything to stay together over time. For oil transportation and containment, we teamed up with Moroso who sent the company's slick fabricated 6-quart baffled wet sump oil pan, which we paired with Moroso's High Volume oil pump. Keeping with the Moroso theme, we also ordered one of the company's electric water pumps, which actually uses a big-block Chevy style CNC-machined aluminum pump paired with a set of CNC-machined LS adapters. With -12AN inlet and outlet fittings, the electric pump should easily cool our 370-inch engine and look great doing it. To round out the engine assembly, we hooked up with ARP Fasteners and ordered the company's complete "Engine and Accessory Fastener Kit," which included every nut and bolt we would need for the engine and even some we didn't! Last but certainly not least, we made a call to the masters of the engine damper, ATI Performance Products, to order up a Super Damper capable of taming our new beast, which ATI was quick to box up and send our way. So, without further ado, check out Jay Healy from Vengeance Racing as he assembles our new boost ready 370 and be sure to check back soon for results from the engine dyno!


PartPart Number
Lunati Pro-Series 3.620-inch CrankshaftJH711ER
Lunati Pro-Series 6.125-inch Connecting RodsJP6125-8
Diamond 4.030-inch PistonsCUSTOM
Total Seal 1.5x1.5x3.0mm ring package201035
ProLine Racing Camshaft BearingsCUSTOM
ProLine Racing Calico Rod and Main Bearings5M 7298 H + 1B 663 HD
ProLine Racing Solid Roller CamshaftCUSTOM
ProLine Racing Vertical Link Bar Solid Lifters144570-16
T&D Machine Shaft-Mount TFS Rocker System20047
Trick Flow Specialties GenX 235cc Cylinder HeadsTFS-3061B003-C03(max)
Total Engine Airflow Cylinder Head ModificationsCUSTOM
SDPC GM LS9 Head Gaskets PN12622033
Vengeance Racing Double Roller Timing SetCS1256
Moroso Electric Water Pump63566
Moroso High Volume Oil Pump22120
Moroso F-body 6-quart Oil Pan21150
Moroso Oil Pan Stud Kit38541
Vengeance Racing Valve CoversVRD-BAMFVC
Edelbrock Pro-Flo XT Manifold7139
ATI Super Damper917242
ARP Engine & Accessory Fastener Kit534-9705
ARP Main Stud Kit234-5608
Kurt Urban 1/2-inch Head Stud KitKUP3001
Kurt Urban Water Vapor SystemKUP1005
DEM Camshaft Retainer PlateUSED
DEM Front CoverUSED

Taking a step back, our Vengeance and ProLine Racing built 370 cubic-inch, solid roller, TEA-ported and Trick Flow headed standing mile warrior looks like a million bucks (probably cost that much too, check the build sheet for a look at all the great stuff we've used) and is set up to handle all of the turbocharged power we can throw at it. We're hoping to be off of the dyno by the time you read this, so make sure you check back soon for the numbers!

Ghtp_1204_030_top_end_portion_of_salt's_engine_ 26/26


Trick Flow Specialties
Tallmadge, OH 44278
Total Engine Airflow
Tallmadge, OH 44278
ATI Performance Products
Baltimore, MD 21207
T&D Machine Products
Carson City, NV
Kurt Urban Performance
Commerce, MI
Diamond Racing
Clinton Township, MI 48035
Vengeance Racing
Cumming, GA 30040
Proline Racing
(710) 516-0745



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