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Bolt-on intake and exhaust combined with custom tuning give our C6 the lungs to go the distance

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There comes a time when nice, quiet and stock becomes boring to those of us with "the itch." And when that time comes, one of the first ways we look to add power to our streetcars is (of course) bolt-ons. Generally they are easy to install, don't take away from reliability or void warranties, and can even increase gas mileage. All of the above were giant pluses for a daily driven C6. Starting from the very front of the combustion process, an air intake would be the first of several modifications. The folks at Airaid were nice enough to send along a high-flowing intake system, using one of its SynthaMax pre-oiled filters and a modular intake tube, for us to test. Moving to the post-combustion side, SLP Performance sent us 1-3/4-inch long-tube headers and an X-pipe to mate to the substantial tubes of a Dynomax catback. With those basic bolt-ons in mind, we intended to have it all tied together with a custom tune. Past experience has taught us that mass airflow sensors can be very sensitive to changes in intakes, just as the oxygen sensors can also have difficulty adjusting to aftermarket cats without a proper recalibration. That in mind, it seemed most prudent to give Geoff Skorupa at Next Level Performance a call to set up some install and calibration time. In addition, Geoff would be able to provide us with before and after chassis dyno testing on a top-of-the-line Dynojet 224x at the Altamonte Springs, Florida, shop. Follow along as we break the C6's seal, and let the modding begin!


SLP Performance Parts
Toms River, NJ 08755
Phoenix, AZ 85050
Next Level Performance
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
Dynomax Performance Exhaust
Monroe, MI


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