LS1 Heads and Cam Test - LS1 Camshaft Roundup, Part 2

We jump head first into another round of stock-block LS1 engine testing

Justin Cesler Jul 1, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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Welcome to the second iteration of our LS1 Camshaft Roundup! If you have been following along since Round 1, you will be happy to know that we have made even more horsepower this time around and upped the anti with a brand-new set of aftermarket cylinder heads. If you are just joining us, let’s get you up to speed. With the help of our friends at RaceKrafters in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, we have set out to test a plethora of camshaft offerings from around the globe to see how they react on an otherwise stock LS1 engine. Now, this isn’t one of those drivability tests or one of those “let’s find out that everyone wins” events—the Camshaft Roundup is all about making huge numbers, drivability be damned!

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For round two, we made the call to Futral Motorsports and Patriot Performance to see if they were interested in testing. I am not sure I had even five words out of my mouth before hearing “Yes!” from both parties, and the camshafts and heads shipped to RaceKrafters just moments later. For those of you wondering, yes, these are the new Patriot Predator cylinder heads, which are built from an entirely new aftermarket casting and formulated to make some serious power. Interested in seeing how each piece of the puzzle did? Read on and make sure you let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas!

Testing Procedure and Camshaft Guidelines
Whether you have been following our LS1 camshaft series or not, it is important to review our testing procedure and guidelines before beginning to interpret the data. As with any test, it is imperative to maintain strict guidelines to ensure valid results. Below, you will find our procedures for testing, along with our camshaft specification guidelines. While the former was very specific, the latter was left wide open, allowing manufacturers and builders to spec camshafts to their liking.

&bull Install camshaft and related valvetrain components
&bull Degree the camshaft, install to correct specs, +/- .5-degree
&bull Establish a solid idle, check base timing, set 27-degrees of total timing
&bull Oil temperature – 130-degrees F, +/- 10
&bull Water temperature – 155-degrees F, +/- 10
&bull Power pull, maintain solid AFR and timing, validate data
&bull Two additional power pulls, extract best run and record
&bull Rinse and repeat, allowing ample time for cool down

Camshaft specs
&bull If it fits in a stock LS1, it’s in the test
&bull Must be an off the shelf grind, no custom camshafts
&bull No fly cutting, no head gasket spacing, no tricks
&bull Comp Cams springs, retainers, pushrods and timing set

Everything else goes!




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