Chevrolet Camaro Engine Upgrades - LS1 Hop-Ups

Easy 20 Horses in Under an Hour

Bottom Line The LS1 certainly responded well to both our Hypertech and Morgan Motorsports upgrade package. And if you’re running a stock application, the PP3 will definitely give you additional horsepower by adding more timing and leaning out the air/fuel ratio. However, should you decide to step it up a notch and add even more modifications, then the PP3’s other features really make the unit shine. The PP3 allows you to program gear ratio changes into the computer to correct speedometer readings, operate the electric fans earlier, and raise the rev limiter. With automatics, you can control the shift firmness for reduced e.t.’s and to help cure wheel-spin at the

dragstrip. Even cooler is that the older LS1 vehicles are already 5 years old, making them that much more affordable. So if you’re looking to either purchase a car or just the potent late-model mouse, follow us, because we’ll be paving the road to true LS1 performance tricks and tips!

Gas Is Gas... Right? Depending on where in the U.S. you reside, your state may enforce the use of reformulated gas (RFG). RFG is a special blend of gas that has been supplemented with ethanol and methanol fuel oxygenates to help turn your vehicle emissions into a less-harmless and more eco-friendly carbon dioxide. Conventional non reformulated gas (non-RFG) uses hydrogen and carbon, which produce poisonous carbon monoxide. While RFG fuel is better for the environment, it can be detrimental to performance vehicles since these oxygenated fuels essentially lean out the air/fuel ratio. This might not matter if you’re driving with the factory-supplied hardware, but when you start bolting on aftermarket goodies you may soon hear your pride and joy detonating like a can of marbles. So before you decide to use the more

Step By Step

Finishing the installation included mounting the new MAF sensor with the factory hose clamps and tossing the stock airbox lid in favor of a higher-flowing lid from a ’99 Corvette. Even nicer is how the finished product still retains the factory demeanor.


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