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FAST EZ-EFI Fuel Injection System - Fast Times

Modern Technology Makes Adding Fuel Injection to your Classic Camaro a Snap

Mary Pozzi Dec 1, 2011
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We love our classic Camaros, but what was considered cutting-edge tech 40-plus years ago is a bit antiquated today. Take the venerable carburetor, for example. It’s certainly capable of running great and supplying fuel/air to our engines, but modern electronic fuel injection (EFI) has it beat in many areas. Now that doesn’t mean carbs are bad or unusable, but there are options that can make our great cars even better. EFI provides quicker starts, better fuel economy, and thanks to computers, the ability to self-adjust on the fly. While all of this EFI tech is great, it’s always been a struggle to get it integrated into our old-school powered Camaros. And with systems costing over four grand, it can also be considered somewhat expensive. But as they say “that was then, and this is now.” Today, companies like Fuel Air Spark Technologies (FAST) are making EFI affordable and easy enough for the average guy to get into. To keep the price and complexity down, their EZ-EFI system was designed to use an existing 4150-style intake manifold. The four fuel injectors are integrated into the throttle body, so there’s no need to buy a new intake or modify an existing one. In fact, you can even use your current carb-style air cleaner.

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There are several features built into the EZ-EFI system to improve drivability. The key one is what FAST calls "Adaptive Learning." This, in essence, lets the system tune itself. And anyone who’s messed with a more-complicated EFI system can certainly see the benefits. The system also has a “pre-squirt” feature that helps starting by injecting a small amount of fuel into the manifold at key-on. The system also lends itself to letting our Camaro keep their classic good looks—a great option for those who can’t get past the aesthetic challenges of newer GM LS engines.

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To get a feel for how this kit from FAST installs, we headed over to David and Mary Pozzi’s place to wrench a system onto their ’68 Camaro. It’s powered by a mild 350 small-block, which could use a little love in the drivability department.


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