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1971 Camaro Radiator - Cool,Calm & Collected

We Arm Project Orange Krate With Be Cool’s Super Street Radiator Module Kit.

Jun 18, 2009
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In the last few issues of Camaro Performers magazine we’ve sprinkled Project Orange Krate with some simple upgrades here and there—mostly esthetics, really. In fact, in the last issue we brightened up the back of our second-gen with some LED taillights from Dakota Digital and classed up the panel with Marquez Design taillight housings and lenses. The outcome looks pretty sweet and gives our project car a bit of it’s own identity.

Camp_0907_02 1971_camaro_radiator Orange_krate 2/18

If you go back to late last year, you may remember we armed the car with a 427-inch World Product’s small-block hosting upwards of 460 hp. Right off the bat we knew there was no way the measly radiator that came with the car would be capable of keeping our engine temps in check, especially with what we have in store for this ride. It will see a good amount of abuse on every autocross and road course that will have us. Not to mention we’ll be doing a good amount of long-distance street driving. Stop-and-go traffic alone is enough to play havoc on any ride equipped with a high-performance engine, especially in the summer months— it's the time of year when our cars get the most use.

With all this taken into consideration, we're going to need a radiator that can handle all that we’ll be dishing out. It has to look good too. So we got in touch with the crew at Be Cool and told them what we had in store for our project. Before committing to send over just any radiator that would fit our ‘71, they asked a plethora of questions regarding engine displacement, transmission type, what kind of driving we had planned, and if the car was equipped with air conditioning.

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Were all these questions really necessary? You bet. They told us the importance of not only having enough cooling capacity for the amount of horsepower we had under the hood, but knowing our driving habits would also help them determine which cooling system would best suit our needs.

After all was said and done, they sent out the Super Street Series Radiator Module Kit for the ’70-81 Camaro. We chose to go for the natural finish (PN 82010 Automatic Transmission) kit, but for those who want a more show-car look, it comes in a polished finish as well.

The radiator kit was a very simple install. In fact, it was only a couple of hours from start to finish. The instructions were easy to follow, and with the fan wiring harness clearly labeled, even the electrical aspect was a breeze.

After following Be Cool’s radiator filling instructions (there really is more to it than just adding coolant, so if you want everything working properly, follow the included instructions before you fire up your engine), we took the car out for an extended drive and were thrilled to report the temp gauge never surpassed the 180 degree mark.


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