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Easy LS Bolt-On with Kenne Bell's Mammoth Supercharger - Power Play!

Kenne Bell’s Mammoth Supercharger

Jake Amatisto May 21, 2014
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Big horsepower on pump gas with a modern EFI powerplant is becoming easier and easier to come by these days. Power-adders, such as superchargers, have elevated the horsepower potential for the average guy's engine combinations tremendously over the last decade, and it seems to be only getting better. One of the leaders in supercharger systems on late-model muscle cars is Kenne Bell in Rancho Cucamonga, California; and they were our choice for the blower on our Chevrolet Performance LS3 crate engine that we'll be dropping into a project car in 2014. With three different blowers available, including the 2.8L, the 3.6L, and the biggest of the group, the 4.2L, Kenne Bell can give their customers whatever power output they desire, many times without even opening up the engine. We opted for the middle child of the family, the 3.6L Mammoth supercharger. Using highly efficient screw-style rotors, an integrated intercooler, and a rear-feed 168mm inlet manifold, this supercharger can push your late-model powerplant to phenomenal power levels; some have made 1,000 hp to the wheels with this same supercharger.

Since there are a few different accessory pulley configurations for the LS3, we contacted Turn Key Engine Supply in Oceanside, California for the blower and bracket install. Turn Key has been involved in high-performance LS engines for decades and can handle everything from basic street powerplants to the most radical street/strip engine combos. Turn Key is also very familiar and has a lot of experience with our Kenne Bell blown LS3 combo; as a matter of fact, they just happen to offer a similar setup in their catalog. Because of this, we knew our bullet was in good hands.

Check it out as we show how Turn Key sets up Kenne Bell's systems on one of today's most potent V-8s. Shop operator Paul Headrick even drives a wicked twin-turbo LS-powered early Nova to work from time to time.

Mammoth Supercharger Power Play Kenne 2/20

Quick specs
Large 168mm rear-fed inlet manifold
4x6 lobe rotors for high hp potential
Integrated liquid-cooled intercooler intake manifold
Billet construction
Silent operation
Available in black and polished

Mammoth Supercharger Power Play Kenne Bell 3/20

The Kenne Bell Mammoth blower displaces 3.6L of air, but it isn’t the largest one offered. The 4.2L blower is capable of 1,200 horsepower and is intended for race cars or radical street cars.

Mammoth Supercharger Power Play 200 Lb Fuel 10/20

To feed the fire, we picked up 200 lb/hr fuel injectors from Kenne Bell. While these may seem large for gas applications, we wanted to be able to have the option of running E85 fuel for the higher octane rating and to be able to spin the blower faster for additional power; and unlike conventional gas, E85 requires a significant amount of volume that can only be supplied with a large injector.

Mammoth Supercharger Power Play 20/20

All buttoned up at Turn Key, our blown LS3 is ready to make some noise. The next time you see this bullet we’ll be on the dyno with Holley’s Dominator EFI system hoping for nearly 700 horsepower on 93 octane. CHP


Innovators West
Salina, KS 67401
Turnkey Engine Supply
Kenne Bell Enterprises
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
(909) 941-6646



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