How to Install the Fast EZ-EFI Unit - EFI Evolution

We ditch our archaic '80s-era throttle body injection for a more capable EFI system that'll make the most of our engine.

Patrick Hill Feb 5, 2014 0 Comment(s)
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Factory Tach 2/47

14. So our factory tach will still work, we hooked the factory tach wire (pink one that originally went to the factory coil) into our new harness, in conjunction with our new EZ-EFI wiring. When we started the car up, the tach and the EZ-EFI controller showed identical rpm.

Wiring Positve And Negative 3/47

15. Per the Performance Distributors and FAST instructions, everything is wired into the positive and negative terminals on the new coil.

Plumbing Fuel 4/47

16. With that done, next up was plumbing the fuel system. First the lines for the throttle body were hooked in.

High Pressure Fuel 5/47

17. One advantage we had with our '92 Camaro were its existing high-pressure fuel lines, which meant we didn't have to plumb anything from the tank to the engine compartment. To hook the FAST engine compartment lines in, we took our old engine compartment lines to our local hose/fitting shop, and had the ends that hooked into the factory fuel lines modified to have AN male fittings so we could attach the FAST lines. This cost us about $30, and made the hookup super easy.

Install Inline 6/47

18. First thing to install is this inline filter on the fuel line feeding the throttle body. We also left our factory fuel filter (back by the tank) in place for extra filtration.

Fuel Pressure 7/47

19. Next was the fuel pressure regulator, installed in the return line. We mounted it on the fenderwell so it would stay secure, and far enough away from engine heat not to vapor lock. The regulator comes pre-set for the correct fuel pressure for the FAST throttle body.

Wiring Fuel 8/47

20. Next up is wiring our fuel pump. This green wire from the EZ-EFI harness must be connected to the factory fuel pump relay.

1992 Chevrolet Camaro Factory Pump 9/47

21. This is the factory pump relay on our Camaro. We used a factory wiring diagram to locate it.

1992 Chevrolet Camaro Cut Green Factory 10/47

22. After opening up the factory harness going into the relay, we cut the corresponding green factory wire, then spliced in the EZ-EFI wire so it went through the relay.

Harness Wiring Fuel 11/47

23. From there we ran the harness wiring for the fuel pump all the way back to the tank.

1992 Chevrolet Camaro Unplug Factory Sending 12/47

24. After we unplugged the factory sending unit from the main harness, we dropped the tank down.

Remove Factory 13/47

25. With the tank down we could remove the fuel pump assembly to install our new pump.

1992 Chevrolet Camaro Fold Sheet 14/47

26. Quick tip for third-gen Camaro owners out there to make tank removal/install much easier. With the tank down, use a hammer and beat/fold this lip of sheetmetal (left from factory assembly) down till it's flush with the frame rail, as in the photo. This lip always catches the filler neck, making it impossible to angle the tank downwards enough to remove it without having to disconnect the rear suspension and lower the rear end for clearance.

Fuel Injection 15/47

27. Even though our RS came with fuel injection from the factory, it was the lower pressure TBI system (pump on the right). Our FAST throttle body requires higher pressure, similar to the factory tune port system. While the FAST kit comes with a high pressure fuel pump (pump on the left), it requires decent modification of the factory sending unit/fuel pump assembly for installation. The easy solution is to go with the factory pump for a TPI equipped Z28 (pump in the center). This pump bolts right into the factory pump assembly with no mods, and supplies enough pressure to run the injectors on the new throttle body. Added bonus is this pump's readily available at any local auto parts store.


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