Moser 9-inch Rear Axle Housing - Project Hardtop Hellion

Moser & Competition Engineering Under the Hardtop

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Wire Wheel Before 2/24

10. Once the back of the car was clear of factory components we took a wire wheel to the greasy and rusty underside before spraying it with Eastwood’s Chassis Black spray paint.

Competition Engineering Slide A 3/24

11. Before installing the leaf springs back under the car, the Slide-a-Links from Competition Engineering called for aluminum bushings to be pressed into the front eye of the spring. To ensure they go in smoothly, we made sure to remove any residual rubber from the eyelet using a wire wheel on a high-speed drill. The aluminum provides no deflection and really solidifies the whole setup.

How Slide A Links Are 4/24

12. This graphic shows how easily the Slide-a-Links are assembled. These will definitely help our Nova hook up by adjusting the instant center, helping weight transfer to the rear tires.

Zinc Plated Brackets Bolted To Front 5/24

13. With the aluminum bushings pressed into place, these zinc-plated brackets are bolted to the front eyes. This bracket holds the front portion of the Slide-a-Link bar.

Slightly Grind Factory Eyelet 6/24

14. To re-install the leafs, we had to grind the factory eyelet bolt slightly in order to fit it through the bushing.

Lubricate With High Pressure 7/24

15. We also had to make sure to lubricate the bushings with high-pressure grease.

Assemble 8/24

16. To assemble the links, first we installed the lower shock brackets that come with the traction bars, then using the appropriate heim joints, installed the bar itself into place. The solid heim goes in front, while the two-piece one bolts to the shock bracket under the axle.

Competition Engineering Drag 9/24

17. Since our Nova is destined for the drag strip, we ordered Competition Engineering’s drag shocks (PN2720) for the rear. These are affordable pieces that bolt in the stock location and can be switched from extra firm (XTF), firm (F), and soft (S) by a simple twist.

CPP Rear Disc Brake 10/24

18. Once the traction bars were bolted up, we moved onto the rear brakes. Classic Performance Products sent us their 11-inch front and rear disc brake kit that will allow for our 15-inch drag wheels (PN 6264FRBK-D) for the Moser 9-inch rearend.

Cpp 11/24

19. These brackets from CPP double as axle retainers, as well as caliper brackets.

Spacers For Calipers And 12/24

20. Various thickness spacers are used to properly position the calipers over the drilled and slotted rotors.

Completed 13/24

21. We ordered our Moser axles with 3-inch long wheel studs to make sure we’ll be legal at the dragstrip, so open, acorn-style lug nuts were used to bolt on the Rocket Racing wheels/Nitto Neo Gen Tire combo. We also have to mention that we plan on lowering the Nova significantly once the engine, trans and interior are in place. Also, once the car is at race weight, we’ll be able adjust the pre-load of the Slide-a-Links using these nifty wrenches from Competition Engineering, which we highly recommend getting if you order the Slide-a-Links; the adjuster nuts on the bars are larger than 1-inch and not everyone’s tool boxes have large-sized open end wrenches on hand.


Nitto Tire
Cypress, CA 90630
Classic Performance Products
Placentia, CA 92870
Competition Engineering
Guilford, CT 06437
Moser Engineering
Portland, IN 47371
Eastwood Company
Pottstown, PA 19464
Rocket Racing Wheels
Chattanooga, TN 37406


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