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Just when you think a carburetor couldn’t be improved on, Holley Performance Products proved everyone wrong by releasing their latest Gen 3 Ultra Dominator. We’re talking an impressive number of improvements, including a 28 percent weight savings with its new aluminum construction, dropping it by 3.8 pounds over the original Dominator models.

One of the other neat features offered is the factory ready TPS (throttle position sensor) mounting points that can be used by a data acquisition system. When it comes to looks, similar to their 4150-style Utra HP line, the Gen 3 is offered in Hard Core Gray, Shiny Aluminum with Red Billet, or Shiny Aluminum with Black Billet. If you’re wondering, we really like the Hard Core Gray.

In the months to come, we’re planning to test this Gen 3 on a potent high compression nitrous mill, but until then, we couldn’t resist showcasing Holley’s latest entry to the carburetor market. We’re sure you’ll agree; this is a mighty fine piece and these carburetors will be sticking around for a long time to come.

What’s available
4500 ULP 950-CFM
4500 ULP 1050-CFM
4500 ULP 1150-CFM
4500 ULP 1250-CFM
4500 ULP 1350-CFM
4500 ULP 1425-CFM
4500 ULP 1475-CFM

Integrated Idle Bypass 2/10

Starting at the top, the Gen 3 Ultra Dominator features an integrated idle bypass valve, which allows you to adjust the idle, all the while maintaining a proper throttle plate to transfer slot relationship. The billet booster inserts come with a 12-hold design that provides a much better fuel atomization process, including a crisp throttle response.

Throttle Shaft 6/10

Changing the rate of opening on the throttle shafts has become much easier. You no longer have to disassemble the internal linkage. Instead, the Gen 3 has an external linkage with multiple holes and a threaded adjustable rod for quick and easy adjustments.

Built In Sight 10/10

The built-in sight glass makes for easy float adjustments. Also, these come standard with AN-8 O-ring to AN-6 male adapters and AN-8 plugs that be can plumbed for either side.


Holley Performance Products
Bowling Green, KY 42101




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