1966 Chevy Chevelle SS - Engine Installation

The Anatomy of an LS-Powered Chevelle

Jake Amatisto Nov 29, 2013 0 Comment(s)
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Aeromotive Fuel 2/30

Aeromotive supplied the fuel system for this build, including all-black AN-8 fittings, a bypass fuel pressure regulator (PN 13204), carburetor fuel log (PN 14201), and an A1000 fuel pump that we installed into the tank.

Replacement Gas 3/30

Scudellari installed the Tanks replacement gas tank that was modified by Rock Valley for the Aeromotive in-tank pump.

Chevelle Trunk Floor For Gas 4/30

The Chevelle trunk floor needed a small box to clear the Aeromotive unit. Although we are running a carburetor on the LQ9, this fuel tank and system features a return line and fuel well for when we decide to upgrade to EFI in the future.

Aeromotive Fuel Log Edelbrock Intake 5/30

An Edelbrock intake manifold was used to convert the fuel-injected LQ9 to use a 750-cfm 4150-style four-barrel carb from Holley (PN 0-80508S). The fuel log from Aeromotive we chose is a versatile piece and the pivoting fuel log holds a large amount of fuel itself, making sure that the bowls are always fed.

Aeromotive Bypass Fuel Pressure 6/30

Aeromotive’s bypass fuel pressure regulator gets screwed into the back of the fuel log and controls the pressure on the return side of the system. This piece also has an orifice for boost reference if we decide to go that route, too.

Dougs Long Tube 7/30

Doug’s long-tube headers were used for this project (PN D3336), which feature a ceramic coating that dissipates heat more effectively, keeping the temps under the hood down, and some say it increases power slightly.


Msd 6ls Ignition 8/30

The brain of the operation is MSD’s 6LS ignition system (PN 6010). This box simply hooks up into the factory harness with four connections and allows you to use the coil-on plug ignition in combination with the carburetor. This piece features controllable rev limits, timing adjustment, and the hot multiple sparks that come with MSD’s high-performance ignitions.

Ez Tcu Ctroller 9/30

The 4L60E TCI Automotive Street Fighter transmission is controlled via this EZ-TCU (PN 302820) unit that allows the user to configure speedometer, shift points, and even allows for button-controlled shifts.

Tci Automotive Outlaw 10/30

TCI Automotive’s Outlaw shifter with dual buttons (PN 611641) was also installed into the Chevelle. Scudellari was able to wire it so you can shift the car via the two buttons on the handle. Pulling the trigger on this piece at high rpm results in a neck snappy shift that effectively barks the BFGoodrich tires nicely.

Cable Controlled Tps 11/30

This electronic, cable-controlled TPS sensor is also used in conjunction with the 6LS box and EZ-TCU and basically tells the computer where your throttle position is without having a traditional throttle body.

Chevelle Factory 12/30

Inside the car, the factory dash was removed for Dakota Digital’s XLS dash, which features a tachometer, changeable colors, and all the important instruments that the factory display does not have. Look for a full install on this piece in an upcoming issue.

Chevelle Dakota Digital Xls 13/30

Here's the Dakota Digital XLS dash, installed and ready to go.


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