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It's been a couple of years since we first showcased the original Component Drive Systems (CDS) geardrive setup for superchargers. Since then we've put one to the test with our own 525ci big-block, and have pushed 40 pounds of boost with relative ease.

Unlike a beltdriven supercharger assembly, the geardrive eliminates the belt altogether and mounts the supercharger in front of the engine and attaches to the snout of the crankshaft. The benefits are significant; with a geardrive assembly, you're able to take full advantage of your supercharger's potential and never again have to worry about breaking a belt or losing power due to belt slip.

The good news is that these geardrives are off-the-shelf parts, and CDS offers them for nearly every ProCharger, Vortech, and Paxton application. If you're looking to build something a bit more exotic, CDS also offers a dual geardrive system. Also new for this generation of geardrive is a variety of accessory mounts, including the alternator, fuel pump, dry-sump pump, and vacuum pump adapters. Regardless of your setup, CDS can easily adapt its system to fit a wide range of combinations.

Whether you're a heads-up racer trying to maximize your power and e.t.'s, or you're simply looking to buff up your weekend cruiser, the CDS geardrive is one trick setup that can be appreciated by everyone for its top-notch construction.

Front Of 2/9

Each geardrive is built from scratch out of billet aluminum. This shot shows the front of the geardrive; up top is the mounting hub that attaches to the supercharger. Below that is the accessory output that can be used for an alternator or your choice of fuel and vacuum pumps.

Cds Drive 3/9

On the opposite side, or engine side, the drive hub attaches to the crankshaft. New for this generation is the availability of a 6-, 8-, or 12-pin drive hub.

Trigger Shell 4/9

One of the things we really like about the CDS geardrive is the integrated trigger shell with magnets for the crank trigger. This slick assembly also has several high-density urethane coupler bushings that help dampen harmonics and even extend bearing life.

Bronze Filter Gearcase 5/9

On top of the geardrive is a bronze filter that acts as a gearcase vent and doubles as a cap. On the bottom, shown here, is an easily accessible drain for quick fluid changes; these geardrives require 4 ounces of full synthetic 75W-90 gear oil.

Drive 6/9

Even the stands are sexy and scalloped for minimum weight, all the while being engineered for maximum structural integrity. Also, each drive comes with an integrated timing pointer and a crank trigger pickup mount.

Aeromotive Fuel 7/9

Our fuel pump of choice is an Aeromotive Atomic hex-drive model. This gem flows in excess of 4,500 lb/hr, or over 12 gpm at 100 psi.

Fuel Pump Accessory Drive 8/9

The fuel-pump accessory drive arm is a reduction drive that slows down the crank speed by 50 percent. This mount supports a hex-drive fuel pump, but is also available with an optional cable-drive adapter to run a Waterman-style, remote-mount fuel pump. Inside the drive is a poly-chain GT carbon belt for longevity.

Procharger 9/9

A single geardrive system starts at $2,900, while the dual geardrive assemblies start at $4,200. A number of options are available, so depending on your needs the price varies accordingly. For our system, we’re planning to run ProCharger’s latest F-3-136 supercharger with its fuel-pump accessory drive.


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