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Easy EFI Systems

Today's User-Friendly Conversions

Jake Amatisto Oct 8, 2013
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It's a good time to be in the market for an EFI system because what's available today is not only capable of doing more than ever before, it's also easier to use. These new self-contained systems from the four companies featured in the following pages are installed using very simple wiring and able to bolt in place of a carburetor with ease. These modern, bolt-on throttle bodies are equipped with fuel rails, injectors, and all the sensors needed to run your engine, and most of the systems are self-learning, which means the more you drive, the better performance you can expect.

If you're planning to replace your carburetor with one of the following EFI setups or if you plan on going with a stand-alone system, there are some very cool options out there. Regardless of the system, whether it's FAST, Edelbrock, MSD, or Holley, these companies offer easily installed EFI that provides very trick technology that hasn't been available until now. If it's better fuel mileage you're after or if you're looking to update your high-performance powerplant with a modern-day fuel-injection system, follow along as we show you what's available for your hard-earned bucks.

Who Makes It: FAST
Part Number: 30400-KIT
Price: $2,300
Where to Get It: 877.334.8355 ||

FAST’s latest EZ-EFI, version 2.0, is comprised of a throttle body that features the injectors and sensors combined in a single unit that can bolt in place of your carburetor. This system is programmed with FAST’s self-learning software that finely tunes the fuel demand according to the user’s input. The 2.0 version features a throttle-body that’s covered with this tough-looking housing that, at first glance, you would think is a carburetor. Other improvements include a quicker processor and the color touch-screen that can display live data.

Fast Ez Efi Throttle 2/17

Who Makes It: Edelbrock
Part Number: 3601
Price: $2,500
Where to Get It: 800.416.8628 ||

Edelbrock's E-Street EFI System is another system that simply bolts in place of a carb, but the folks at Edelbrock took it a step further to help customers with their fuel system choice by offering three different fuel systems: a returnless-style fuel kit, a return-style system, and a universal reservoir kit that basically enhances your old carbureted fuel system so it can work with the EFI.

Edelbrock E Street Efi System 6/17

Who Makes It: Holley Performance Products
Part Number: 550-406
Price: $2,200
Where to Get It: 270.782.2900 ||

Holley's new Terminator system is another option out there for those looking to convert their engines to EFI. The throttle body bolts to any 4150-style flange intake manifold and it, too, features self-learning software. The Terminator system features a 950-cfm throttle body that can be controlled either with the supplied handheld device, or a laptop computer without buying another ECU.

Holley Performance Terminator Efi System 10/17

Who Makes It: MSD
Part Numbers: 2950 (LS), 2910 (4150 TB)
Price: $2,500 (LS), $2,200 (4150 TB)
Where to Get It: 915.857.5200 ||

MSD's Atomic EFI system is another great choice for the carb guys who are looking to switch over to a modern setup. This system only requires eight connections, a single fuel line, and like the others, it features self-tuning as well. This system is unique in that the ECU is contained in the throttle-body, eliminating the step of mounting the box to the firewall or underneath the dash.

Msd Atomic Efi Kit 14/17


Holley Performance Products
Bowling Green, KY 42101
Memphis, TN 38118
Torrance, CA 90503
MSD Performance
El Paso, TX 79936



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