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1967 Chevrolet Chevelle Project - 12-Bolt Rebuild - Rear-ing To Go

We rebuild and strengthen the 12-bolt in the AMD Chevelle for future use … and abuse!

Oct 17, 2013
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With plans to get our AMD Chevelle project car roadworthy and ready for some serious testing and use, we had to start addressing the issues with the car's driveline relating to it being hurriedly prepared for its debut at the 2011 SEMA Show, and its subsequent use as a show-only piece for both Super Chevy and sponsor/builder Auto Metal Direct. Now that the trailer queen phase of our '67 SS396's life is done, it's time to get the old girl ready for street, strip and autocross duty.

While the 402 is out for a build-up (forthcoming in future issues of SC), we decided to get the Chevelle's rearend into shape for what we have in mind the A-body, which means almost anything and everything we can do that involves driving it. Even though the car's original 396 and trans were long gone when this project started, the factory 12-bolt was still in place. We knew the thing was pretty worn out, but weren't sure how worn until we tore it apart and saw one of the axles was toast. Also, the car's open diff with 3.07 gears was not conducive to our performance goals.

We made a call to the folks at Strange Engineering, and in short order had everything necessary to not only rebuild the rear to as-new condition (with 3.73s), but much stronger than when it left the factory. All the work was performed in Super Chevy's Snap-On Tools Tech Center in Tampa, Florida, by the good people from AntiVenom High Performance in nearby Seffner. AntiVenom proprietor Greg Lovell and rear specialist Bruce Ponti made short work of upgrading our 12-bolt. Follow along as we get our differential back to roadworthy shape.

Parts List
P1011GOT - 33-spline Hy-tuf/Oval track axles with A1100 C-clip eliminator kit and 1/2-inch wheel studs
R5211 - Complete install kit
RS01888373 - 3.73 ring and pinion
R5091 - 33-spline differential with clutch-type Posi


Strange Engineering
Morton Grove, IL 60053
Seffner, FL 33584

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