LSA Accessory Drive Kit - A Perfect Match, Part 4

We get the LSA’s accessory drive kit worked out on our Chevelle project car, all with GM parts.

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Things are slowing down a bit on our Chevrolet Performance LSA Connect-and-Cruise installation into a '70 Chevelle SS. Last month we reported that the factory LSA Front Engine Accessory Drive (FEAD) we received from Guaranty Chevrolet had clearance issues between the alternator and the steering box. At first we thought we were going to need an aftermarket system to cure our clearance issues, but because this factory supercharged crate engine is still pretty new, there was only one option we found at the time of print

We called and spoke to Gary Mulder of GM and the guys at Guaranty Chevrolet and found a way to retain all GM products on the front of the motor. What Gary told us was we could use a combination of items from the two factory systems, the LSA and the LS7, to get the clearance we needed. Since all of our issues were with the driver's side of the car around the steering box, we needed to get the components up higher and, luckily for us, that is exactly the way the LS7 FEAD is configured. For the LS7, the alternator has been placed above the power steering pump using an entirely different bracket, power steering pump and alternator. For the items that sit on the passenger's side, which happens to be just a bunch of idler and tensioner pulleys, are all from the LSA kit.

 Lsa Accessory Drive Kit Assembled 2/14

The following images will show you how it all came together and we even give you all the GM part numbers we used.


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