How to Install the Ny-Trex Wet Nitrous Kit - Plug and Spray

Ny-Trex makes spraying nitrous into your V-6 simple and fun

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Intake Manifold Spacers 2/21

9. Using the provided bolts and gaskets the throttle body and spacer are installed back on the intake manifold. Note: the nozzle goes on the bottom side to keep it hidden.

Tap Fuel Line Camaro 3/21

10. The fuel line is tapped before being pressurized by the mechanical pump because the fuel pressure would otherwise be way too high for the solenoid (a consequence of direct injection).

Mounting Ny Trex Bottle 4/21

11. Mounting the bottle is one of the trickiest things of the whole install believe it or not. Once the desired location is established, holes are drilled into the trunk floor, the bolts are threaded through, and secured by a nut. Sounds simple enough, except the frame rails make it near impossible to get the nut onto the bolt. A little trial and error is necessary. The good part is that it is very easy to run the nitrous line through the frame rail and along the bottom of the floorpan to the engine bay.

Triple Threat Lines Attached 5/21

12. With all of the lines attached you can see just how cleanly the Triple Threat looks. The blue fittings are nitrous, and the red is fuel…it is clear that a lot of thought went into this kit.

Butt Connectors 6/21

13. Here you can see the wiring. Wow that looks tricky! The butt connectors snap in and you are done. There is a key-on power source (from the fuse box), and the two other wires run to the interior for the purge and arm controls.

Wiring Plastic Shroud 7/21

14. The wires are run under the plastic shroud below the windshield (to hide them), and then through the firewall on the driver side.

Wot Switch 8/21

15. The WOT switch is a pressure sensor that goes under the gas pedal that only activates when the pedal is to the floor.

Center Console Purge Button 9/21

16. After much debate, the plastic on the side of the center console was the best location for the purge button and arm switch. It is important to have it be out of the way, so you won’t bump into it, yet easy to reach. But of course keeping it fairly hidden and not doing damage to something expensive and difficult to replace is also a concern. Fifth-gens without a secondary gauge cluster have a great spot just ahead of the shifter, but we weren’t so lucky.

Ny Trex Dyno Graph 2 10/21

17. With the 50-hp jets in we made the first pull. At the rear wheels this translated to 35 hp and 40 lb-ft of torque. No sign of detonation and loving it, the air/fuel went from 12.3 to a rich 11.23. It is important to note that all testing was done with 93-octane, which is necessary for running nitrous (can’t stress that enough).

Jetting Chart 11/21

18. Using the supplied chart and jets, we stepped up to 75hp and then 100hp.

Ny Trex Dyno Graph 1 12/21

19. With the bigger jets the kit performed flawlessly and kept the air/fuel extremely safe, going from 321 to 336 hp and from 313 to 337 lb-ft of torque. As clean and happy as we were with the top end (4700rpm and on), the lower RPM caused some concern. For those who plan to regularly use the kit we would definitely recommend tuning to the lower RPM spark tables, which is not at all uncommon. Thankfully there was no audible knock or ill effects to Chris’ V-6, so we popped the 50-hp jets back in and sent him on his way. Another satisfied customer…at least for a while.

Service Performed Camaro Now 13/21


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