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496ci Short Block Build Up - Hotheaded

A Brodix top end for big heat

Jake Amatisto Oct 23, 2012
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Back in the May ’12 issue, in a story called “Big Heat”, we showed off the assembly of a factory block-based 496ci short-block, featuring the skills of Bryce Mulvey of Dr. J’s Performance in Anaheim, California. The idea was to put together a durable, yet simple big-block that we can test various parts on in future issues—something that can take multiple dyno pulls without a hiccup. What we came up with was a stock big-block Chevy stuffed with a forged crank from Scat that featured a 4.250-inch stroke, forged H-beam rods also from Scat, and a set of high-compression domed slugs from JE Pistons. With around 13:1 compression smashing against Brodix STS Race-Rite BB-2 heads, we hoped to make around 700 hp on the engine dyno.

chp 01 HR 496ci Short Block Build Up Top 2/17

In this installment, Mulvey finishes up our 496ci using some super-durable parts from companies such as COMP Cams, Moroso, Brodix Cylinder Heads, and Quick Fuel Technology. COMP Cams was critical in getting this anvil together; dual valvesprings, titanium retainers, one-piece pushrods, and COMP’s Magnum rockers were all bolted into place, while companies like Moroso and Quick Fuel handled the oil system and carburetion.

If the short-block is considered the “meat”, then the “potatoes” of this engine is the STS BB-2 Race-Rite head and intake setup from Brodix. Most of the Brodix BBC heads feature exhaust ports that have been raised to improve flow, but for those who don’t want to go with custom headers, Brodix offers a Race-Rite option that features exhaust ports in the stock location, as well as some additional accessory holes in the ends of the heads. On the intake side at 0.700 lift, these heads flow up to 369 cfm, while the exhaust flows 267 cfm. At 0.600, they flow 359/251. Luckily for us, the COMP Cams roller bumpstick will make the most of our head’s airflow, as it features 0.714/0.710 of lift and 270/280 duration at 0.050.

chp 03 496ci Short Block Build Up Oil Pan 3/17

With a goal of 700 hp in mind, we followed Mulvey as he assembled the top end and strapped it to his DTS Powermark engine dyno for a day of wide-open throttle fun.

1212chp 02 496ci Short Block Build Up Brodix Race Rite 4/17

Brodix Race-Rite Heads

Many years ago, head builders figured out that raising the location of the runners of a cylinder head could drastically improve flow characteristics. While raising the runners is great for ultimate power, it can add complications when it comes to header fitment, especially in a tight engine bay. For the racer, Brodix has one of the most extensive lists of cylinder heads we’ve ever seen, but they also have some killer heads for radical street cars. The Brodix Race-Rite line was introduced as a great way to make big power without needing special items, which was perfect for our “Big Heat” test mule:

• Ends milled and drilled for accessories

• Extra-thick rocker stands

• Exhaust ports in stock location

• Available in oval and rectangle ports

• Direct replacement for cast-iron heads

1212chp 15 496ci Short Block Build Up Dyno Numbers 17/17

On Dr. J’s DTS engine dyno, we were pleased to see our goals reached, only to steam past our expectations. By 5,700 rpm, we were already snaking past our goal, and 1,000 rpm later, we saw 750.1 flash on the screen. This was also with minimal tuning, we suspect another 20 hp if we messed with oil weights and carb spacers. Not a bad combination for the average power-hungry gearhead. Now if we were really crazy we’d spray the daylights out of it with nitrous, maybe in a future issue?


Mena, AR 71953
Comp Cams
Memphis, TN 38118
Quick Fuel Technology
Bowling Green, KY 42101
JE Pistons
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
Dr. J's Performance
Orange, CA 92868



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