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Twelve Killer Crate Engine Deals for Every Budget

Stephen Kim Jun 25, 2012 0 Comment(s)
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Shafiroff 540

1208chp 08 O  12 Crate Engines Shafiroff 2/13

Let’s say you have a nice set of big-block heads laying around that came off of a drag car, but no short-block to bolt them to. Shafiroff Race Engines figured there must be tons of hot rodders in this exact predicament, so it went ahead and designed an all-new budget 540 short-block. At just $4,495, it would be awfully tough to replicate this combo for less money. That’s because it’s packed with all the right stuff, including a Dart Big M block, a forged Eagle crank and rods, and JE 13:1 forged pistons. If that’s too much squish for you, Shafiroff can outfit the 540 with a more street-friendly compression ratios. An oil pan, timing set, camshaft, balancer, oil pump, and gaskets are available as options

Shafiroff Racing Engines
631.218.7530 · shafiroff.com

Cubes: 540
Bore/Stroke: 4.500x4.250 inches
Output: N/A
Block: Dart Big M
Crank: Forged 4340 steel
Rods: Forged H-beam
Pistons: Forged JE 13.0:1
Cylinder Heads: N/A
Intake: N/A
Warranty: N/A
Price: $4,495

Mast 416

1208chp 09 O  12 Crate Engines Mast 416 3/13

Part of the appeal of an LS-series small-block is the cutting-edge technology that they offer. Mast Motorsports has ratcheted the technology factor way up with its 570 hp L99 small-block. As if an engine boasting an aluminum LS3 block and EFI wasn’t high-tech enough, the Mast L99 adds variable valve timing to the mix. This allows both fattening up the torque curve down low, and bumping up high-rpm horsepower. It’s literally the best of both worlds. For the ultimate in durability, the 416 utilizes a forged Compstar rotating assembly. The Mast L99 ships complete with a custom-tuned Mast stand-alone engine management system and harness, a drive-by-wire gas pedal, a starter, an oil pan, a balancer, and a water pump. All you have to do is hook up a couple of wires, connect the fuel lines, and turn the key.

Mast Motorsports
936.560.2218 · mastmotorsports.com

Bore/Stroke:4.070x4.000 inches
Output:570 hp and 540 lb-ft
Block:GM LS3 aluminum
Crank:Compstar forged 4340 steel
Rods:Compstar 6.125-inch steel
Pistons:Mahle 11.2:1 forged aluminum
Cylinder Heads:GM rectangular-port aluminum
Intake:GM LS3
Warranty:18 months, unlimited miles

Speedway/BluePrint 383

1208chp 10 12 Crate Engines Speedway Blueprint 383 4/13

Speedway Motors has teamed up with BluePrint engines to create a custom line of crate motors. One of the company’s most popular combinations is its 420hp 383. At a dollar-stretching price of $3,499, it’s easy to see why. The motor is based on a four-bolt GM block, and is fitted with a cast-steel stroker crank, powdered metal rods, and 10.0:1 hypereutectic pistons. The top end consists of aluminum 195cc heads, and a dual-plane intake manifold. Managing the valve events is a 229/230-at-0.050 hydraulic flat-tappet cam. An oil pan, harmonic balancer, timing cover, flexplate, and distributor are included as well. All you have to add is a carb and a water pump.

Speedway Motors
800.979.0122 · speedwaymotors.com

Cubes: 383
Bore/Stroke: 4.030x3.750 inches
Output: 420 hp and 450 lb-ft
Block: Factory GM iron
Crank: Cast steel
Rods: GM 5.700-inch powdered metal
Pistons: Hypereutectic 10.0:1
Cylinder Heads: Aluminum 195cc castings
Intake: Aluminum dual-plane
Warranty: 30 months, 50,000 miles
Price: $3,499


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