12 Crate Engines - Budget Crates!

Twelve Killer Crate Engine Deals for Every Budget

Stephen Kim Jun 25, 2012 0 Comment(s)
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Edelbrock Supercharged LS3

1208chp 11 O  12 Crate Engines Edelbrock Supercharged Ls3 2/13

If you want to know why LS small-blocks have become so popular in recent years, look no further than this Edelbrock supercharged 416. It packs big-block power in a small, lightweight aluminum package, which is what LS motors are all about. Edelbrock starts with an aluminum LS3 block, bolts in a Manley forged rotating assembly, then finishes it off with LS3 heads and an Eaton TVS 2300 supercharger. That bumps the output to 720 hp and 695 lb-ft of torque in a compact package you can fit under a stock hood. All the supporting hardware for the supercharger—such as the intercooler plumbing, heat exchanger, water pump, and hoses—are included as well.

310.781.2222 · edelbrock.com

Bore/Stroke:4.065x4.000 inches
Output:720 hp and 695 lb-ft
Block:GM LS3 aluminum
Crank:Manley forged 4340 steel
Rods:Manley 6.125-inch steel
Pistons:Manley 9.5:1 forged aluminum
Cylinder Heads:GM rectangular-port aluminum
Warranty:Two years, unlimited miles

Smeding 572

1208chp 12 O  12 Crate Engines Smeding 572 3/13

We know this is supposed to be a roundup of budget-priced crate motors, but even at $17,995, this blown Smeding 572 is a great value. First off, building a 900hp motor is never cheap, and this blown Rat comes packed with goodies like a Dart block, a forged rotating assembly, AFR heads, and a monster 8-71 supercharger. Secondly, a combo like this can pay for itself with all the money you stand to win grudge racing your buddies at the track. With nearly 800 lb-ft of torque just off idle, the biggest challenge will be getting all that grunt to hook. Plus, you can’t put a price on the intimidation factor of a big blower and dual quads sticking out of the hood, either. Like all Smeding crate motors, the blown 572 includes an oil pan, timing cover, carbs, distributor, plug wires, and spark plugs.

Smeding Performance
210.338.8585 · smedingperformance.com

Bore/Stroke:4.560x4.3750 inches
Output:900 hp and 880 lb-ft
Block:Dart Big M
Crank:Smeding 4340 forged steel
Rods:Smeding 6.535-inch forged steel
Pistons:Forged 8.8:1
Cylinder Heads:AFR aluminum
Intake:Blower Shop
Warranty:Three years, unlimited miles


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