Aftermarket Block Technology - How It Works

We grill Dart to bring you the latest developments in aftermarket block technology.

Stephen Kim May 24, 2012 0 Comment(s)
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Massive inches

For those seeking maximum cubic inches, Dart’s race series tall-deck big-block Chevy block provides many interesting possibilities. This tall-deck block falls under our Big M Pro category with nonstandard architecture. The casting has a 0.600-inch raised cam location, oil pan rails spread 0.750-inch apart, and deck heights ranging from 10.600 to 11.100 inches. To put this in perspective, the factory block has a 9.800-inch deck height. Additionally, the Dart tall-deck block is also available in 4.900-inch bore spacing. These features allow you to build an engine up to 763 ci.

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Cylinder Sealing

A stock big-block Chevy has five head bolts per cylinder. This works fine for most applications, but Dart offers the option of adding an additional bolt or stud on the top side of each cylinder to improve sealing. It is a necessity in any power-adder application, and is a good idea in any engine making over 1 hp per cubic inch. Plus, it’s cheap insurance when you take into account the problems that can be associated with blown head gaskets. Dart’s Big M blocks have the extra boltholes machined in, and we offer a simple stud kit that attaches to the heads. To take advantage of the additional clamping force, all Dart big-block heads are machined to accept the additional bolthole. CHP


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