Smeding Performance 572 Crate Motor - The 700 Club

Smeding Performance concocts a 572 crate motor that kicks out 737 hp and 740 lb-ft without even trying!

Stephen Kim Apr 19, 2012 0 Comment(s)
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Advanced Tuning

Most engine shops only tune for peak performance at WOT, but the problem is that street motors operate at part throttle most of the time. As such, Smeding takes exhaustive measures to tune each of its crate engines for maximum driveability. Unlike many dynos that can only control throttle, Smeding’s DTS unit can place load on an engine independent of throttle input. In other words, the DTS dyno has one handle for throttle control and a separate handle for load control. “After we break in a motor, we set the idle mixture and ignition timing. Next, we increase rpm to 2,000, put 100 pounds of load against the motor, then check the air/fuel ratio again,” Ben Smeding says. “We want the air/fuel ratio to be in the mid 13s during this part of the tuning process. Next, we increase the load to 150 pounds, with a target air/fuel ratio of low 13s. We repeat the procedure at 2,300 rpm, and vary the load between 100 and 150 pounds, tweaking the air/fuel ratio as necessary with the air bleeds, jets, and mixture screws. Optimizing the fuel mixture in this range is what makes an engine driveable. If a motor is too rich or too lean at cruising speeds, it will run dirty and hesitate. The squirters don’t do much when you gently roll into the throttle, so they can’t cover up a carb that’s out of tune. After the tuning for driveability is complete, we never touch the primary side of the carb again, and only alter the secondaries when tuning for max power.”

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