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What it takes to balance a rotating assembly

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Assembling an engine is a straightforward gig, but plenty of steps need to be taken prior to stuffing your choice of block with the latest aftermarket goods. One of the more important pre-assembly jobs is to make sure that your rotating assembly is properly balanced and ready to buzz in perfect harmony.

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Bear in mind that unless you purchased the crankshaft, rods, and pistons as a matched set from a manufacturer, this is a procedure you don’t want to miss. If you happened to purchase a used rotator, unless the seller is willing to give you an expressed guarantee that it’s drop-in ready, you will be much better off taking it to a machinist and having them check it for you.

As for the cost, most balance jobs price in at around $200 and typically take up to two hours to complete—of course, this is assuming everything checks out clean. If weight has to be added for a perfect balance, you can expect the price and the amount of time it takes to get the job done to go up accordingly.

Follow along as we divulge the complete details on what it takes to balance a rotating assembly. It isn’t a difficult job for the machine shop to tackle, but definitely one that needs to be addressed before assembling your next powerplant.

Step By Step

Once the weight is removed or added, the machine then spins the crankshaft again to check the tolerance. If the specs are met within a 0.2 ounce/inch, then the job is complete. If not, the computer will tell you where to make the additional adjustments.


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