Modern Ignition & Data Acquisition - How It Works

Making Horsepower is the Easy Part. Getting it Down the Track Reliable Requires a Way to Control that Power, and Today’s Modern Ignition and Data Acquisition Systems are the Secret.

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V-Net System

Tim Anderson: For most data systems, the standard method of connecting sensors to the data logger is to route individual power, ground, and signal wires to each individual sensor, either directly from the data logger or from some type of expansion box. From there, sensors are grouped together at a common point, then the wiring bundle is routed back to the data logger. Conversely, Racepak’s single-cable system is a much easier and cleaner method of routing data from the sensor to the data logger. Racepak’s V-Net system utilizes a single common cable, which is about the diameter of a pencil, that plugs into the data logger and is then routed throughout the vehicle. Inside this cable are five wires: power, ground, shield, CAN high, and CAN low. Sensors are T’d into this V-net cable at any location, with each sensor sharing a common power, ground, and shield. The data from all the sensors are transmitted through two small CAN wires. This arrangement is similar to how a single cable into your home can transmit TV, cable, and telephone, all on the same cable.

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Tim Anderson: Racepak offers a complete line of dashes and gauges that display the information recorded by the sensors in real time. The same V-Net system that makes our data loggers easy to set up makes our gauges easy to use as well. What this means for racers is the ability to connect all the Racepak sensors and instrumentation to the same cable, allowing the instrumentation to share the information from the sensors before passing it onto the data logger. No longer is it necessary to utilize redundant sensors and gauges, but instead, all external devices connected to the data logger share the data. Racepak’s gauges and dashes are simple to install, simple to set up, and simple to use. CHP


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