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12-bolt Rearend Upgrades - In The Spotlight

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Torque, you have to love it. It’s what pushes us into the seats during acceleration and puts the never-ending grins on our faces. Chances are if you’ve already upgraded the transmission to handle the additional grunt, then the rearend is the next area you’ll want to address. Beefier axles, steeper gears, and a huge choice of differentials can make it tough to choose from, however the manufacturers listed here offer a variety of choices for your every need.

Strange Engineering


chp 01 12 Bolt Rearend Upgrades Strange Engineering 2/5

Whether you’re looking for a mild or the most robust rearend for dragstrip duties, Strange Engineering offers it all. For late-model F-body fans, you can get into a fully assembled (less brakes) 12-bolt with 3.150-inch ID housing ends, 33-spline axles, choice of studs, and matching 33-spline superstrength differential. You also get a choice of either the three- or four-channel ABS, caliper mounts, including an S-series yoke, crossover U-joint, U-bolts, chrome cover, and standard gearset with Lucas oil. Leaf-spring applications are similar and come with 30-spline axles and Torque-Line posi unit, and 1/2 -inch studs. Both rearends are also offered with drag racing–only configurations that come with 35-spine Pro Race Axles and spool.

PN: PRG210 (F-body with torque arm provision, ’93-97 or ’98-02)
PRG310 (complete leaf-spring package)
Price: $2,133 & Up

Moser Engineering

260.726.6689 ·

chp 02 12 Bolt Rearend Upgrades Moser Engineering 3/5

Muscle-Pak rear assemblies include new Moser 12-bolt casting with OEM-located mounting provisions, 30-spline bolt-in axles, axle bearings, stock wheel studs, retainer plates, Eaton Posi, ring-and-pinion, 1310-series pinion yoke, chrome cover, differential setup with Timken bearings, 91/2-inch drum brakes, e-brake cables, and 14-inch brake line kit and brake line clamps—completely assembled. Additional options include differential types, gear ratios, and cover options with axle spline count. All Moser products are forged and cast in the United States along with all machining.

PN: 12-6769CA-2-XXX (‘67-69 Camaro, multileaf staggered shock)
Price: $2,970 & UP

Drive Train Specialists

800.521.0628 ·

chp 03 12 Bolt Rearend Upgrades Drive Train Specialists 4/5

Each assembled Drive Train Specialists’ 12-bolt is custom-built with a new housing, including Timken bearings and seals. You also get your choice of gear ratio, yoke, and stud size.

PN: Call
Price: $2,275 & Up

Currie Enterprises

714.528.6957 ·

chp 04 12 Bolt Rearend Upgrades Currie Enterprises 5/5

All Currie 12-bolts are brand new with an option to redo customer-supplied rearends; each feature 3-inch DOM tubes with an option for 9-inch housing ends. Shown here is an assembled A- and G-body package with Explorer brakes, choice of gears, and an Eaton posi.

PN: Call
Price: $2,963 (approximately)



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