LS Engine Swap In A Muscle Car - How It Works

LS swaps are smoking hot and here’s how to fit one inside your muscle car

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LS Fest

Liz Miles: Recognizing the popularity of LS swaps, we wanted to give these enthusiasts a place to meet and share what they have done with their cars. As a result, we created the Holley LS Fest, which is a three-day-long event held in September at Beech Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The event includes drag racing, an autocross, a speed-stop challenge, a car show, a dyno challenge, a drift challenge, and a cruise. We know the LS engine is hot for many reasons, and we wanted to show consumers that Holley is serious about the LS market. The more we expose people to the possibilities of this incredible engine, the more encouraged we all become to build them with more power, more efficiency, better looks, and uniqueness. We also wanted to create an event that was packed with action. Obviously the LS engine is being swapped into a lot of vehicles, so we wanted to show it how it’s done in real time with the Engine Swap Challenge. In this event, two teams square off to see how quickly they can swap an LS engine into their car and get it running. The first team to fire it up wins an LS crate motor.

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Throttle-Body Hookup

Mark Campbell: LS-series small-blocks came from the factory with both cable and electronically actuated throttle bodies. Hooking up a conventional cable throttle-body is easy enough and doesn’t require much of an explanation. Likewise, when you’re shopping for a motor to swap into your car, don’t be put off by an electronic throttle body. All you need to get it to work in a retrofit application is the gas pedal out of the donor car, and the throttle actuator control (TAC) module. Just hook these items up, and an electronic throttle body will work perfectly in a swap application. CHP


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