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Reduce underhood temperatures and wick away power-robbing heat with dual electric fans

Sean Haggai Oct 11, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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Whether you’re a street cruiser, weekend warrior, or anything in-between, keeping a vigil watch over the water temperature gauge on your dash is a habit you can’t argue with. When the weather flips triple digits and traffic comes to a standstill, glancing through the various gauges is standard operating procedure. There’s nothing worse than loading up the car, hitting the open road, only to be sidelined by a temperature gauge that’s buried in the red. After all, it could have been prevented.

For us, it wasn’t just a matter of keeping our ’64 Chevelle cooler, instead we had just installed a new front serpentine setup on its small-block powerplant. With the new serpentine belt setup, we had lost our manual fan arrangement. Consequently, we were left without a way to properly cool the engine.

While some say you can’t deny a good working mechanical fan, we can’t help but take advantage of a more advanced setup. Through Derale Cooling Products, we were able to source a dual electric fan (PN 16825, $340) with twin, 265-watt motors, 4,000 cfm of pulling power, and an ultraquiet patented skewed blade design. To manage it all, we added the Derale high-amperage fan controller (PN 16788, $131) with an automatic resetting circuit and built-in air-conditioning override circuit.

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Also included is the dual-electric Derale fan setup that comes complete with its own shroud, brackets, and even the wiring harness. We had everything, which made the install a breeze and prevented us from running out to the local parts store for miscellaneous items. We had the entire setup installed in less than half of a day, and at less than $480 for the whole deal, it was a steal to keep our Chevelle running cool.


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