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Component Drive Systems All-New Supercharger Geardrive - Geared For Power!

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There’s no denying the seat-of-the-pants feel under heavy acceleration; add in a supercharger to the equation and it’ll put an ear-to-ear grin on any enthusiast’s mug. And when it comes to supercharged packages, the concept is pretty straightforward. Depending on the supercharger of your choice, they can be mounted on brackets in front of the engine or mounted up top by taking the place of the intake manifold; both applications are belt driven off the crankshaft with standard serpentine belts.

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On the street, serpentine belts are the way to go. On the other hand, if you’re class racing in a heads-up series that requires the serpentine assembly, it isn’t uncommon to lose power due to belt slip. And if class rules allow it, cog belts are the way to go with big boosted combinations. Unlike the serpentine belt with its smooth surface area with v-grooves, the cog has ridges with matching pulleys for extra bite, making them much more aggressive. Can they be used on the street? Sure, but the belts can get a bit pricey should you lose a tooth or two and have to replace it.

For folks looking to maximize their combination without having to concern themselves with belt issues, a geardrive system is a must and the only way to go. The geardrive setup eliminates the belt entirely and instead is a direct bolt-on assembly that mounts the supercharger head unit directly onto the snout of the crankshaft. Offering up these trick units is Component Drive Systems, a new division of Chris Alston’s Chassisworks.

The mastermind behind their latest creation is Chris Alston Jr. who races his own Outlaw-classed ’64 Nova. The old adage “race on Sunday and sell on Monday” couldn’t be truer. Chris has already proven how well it works by eclipsing his own personal record with a 6.71 at 213 mph and taking the win on his first outing at this year’s WCHRA season opener. While that’s a testament on the more extreme side, CDS offers a number of geardrive systems for LS, small- and big-block powerplants, including a pretty spectacular dual geardrive assembly.

This month we wanted to introduce and highlight the CDS geardrive system, but be sure to keep an eye out in the upcoming months where we assemble a 525ci big-block and put this combination to the test with Vortech Engineering’s newest V-28 123 supercharger. No joke, combined with the CDS geardrive, it’s flat-out insane and absolutely the most powerful package we’ve ever put together.

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There you have it, the latest in supercharging technology and everything shown here is available off-the-shelf with no modifications required whatsoever. The Vortech Engineering huffer shown here is the newest entry to their big power lineup, also dubbed the V-28 123. Be sure to keep up with us in the months to come, we’re putting this gear-driven supercharger combination to the test on a carbureted 525ci big-block. CHP


Vortech Engineering
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