Carburetor Nitrous Plates - In The Spotlight

Time and time again, entry-level nitrous systems have proven to be an easy way to get a quick bump in power. The real question is: How much do you want? Depending on the plate system of your choice, you can add anywhere from 50 to 350-plus horsepower, with most mild combinations being able to easily handle an additional 150hp shot. For the larger, more aggressive hits, make sure that your bottom end is up to snuff, and you’ll have plenty of punch on command.

Holley Performance · 270.782.2900

HP shot: 350-plus
PN: 02153NOS
Price: $715

chp 01 O  Carburetor Nitrous Plates Crosshair 2/8

HP shot: 150-200
PN: 02001NOS
Price: $540

chp 02 O  Carburetor Nitrous Plates Cheater 3/8

Trick Flow Specialties · 330.630.1555

HP shot: 50-200
PN: TFS-N4150
Price: $450

chp 04 Carburetor Nitrous Plates Tfx 4/8

Zex · 888.817.1008

Zex Blackout Square Flange Plate
HP shot: 100-300
PN: 82040B
Price: $620

chp 03 O  Carburetor Nitrous Plates Zex Blackout Flange Plate 5/8

Zex Blackout Dominator Perimeter
HP shot: 100-300
PN: 82048B
Price: $780

chp 05 O  Carburetor Nitrous Plates Dominator Perimeter 6/8

Edelbrock · 310.781.2222

Performer RPM II
HP shot: 100- to 400-plus
PN: 70083
Price: $826

chp 06 O  Carburetor Nitrous Plates Performer Rpm Ii 7/8

Victor Jr.
HP shot: 100- to 500-plus
PN: 70065
Price: $1,040

chp 07 O  Carburetor Nitrous Plates Victor Jr 8/8




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