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Sean Haggai Jun 22, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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Detroit TrueTrac

1108chp 20 O  Building A 10 Bolt Rearend Detroit Truetrac 5/27

The Detroit TrueTrac was the first helical gear (no clutches) differential ever introduced into the aftermarket as an Eaton brand. In short, the patented design of the parallel axis planetary helical gears provides a quiet, automatic splitting of torque. It performs like an open differential under normal driving conditions and automatically transfers torque to the wheel with better traction. This limited-slip system responds instantly to torque feedback, anytime, at any speed.

Geared For Go

1108chp 17 O  Building A 10 Bolt Rearend Moser Gears 9/27

Moser’s gears are available for nearly any application and are CAD, CNC machined, and computer-control heat-treated to ensure the highest-quality product. Moser even offers a ring gear lightening program (add $100 to any set of gears) for serious racers to save precious rotation weight. The process involves machining a smooth radius on the outside of the gear and can save anywhere from 0.5 to 2.5 pounds. In our case, we ordered a set of Moser’s street/strip gears with a 3.73:1 setup.

The Grab Bag





Moser 3.73 ring-and-pinion 10B85373M $190
Differential cover 7107 160
30-spline axles (291/2 length) A103002 245 (pair)
Eaton TrueTrac 5TT481 550
Setup kit/axle bearings, seals R10MB/9563 100/30 (pair)
Royal Purple 75W90 rearend fluid 01300 18

Road Report

1108chp 28 O  Building A 10 Bolt Rearend Nova 15/27

Getting the rearend back in the Nova was a snap. We made sure to fill the rearend with 3 quarts of Synthetic Royal Purple 75W90 gear oil (for limited-slip gears) and put some miles on the gears before any competition. While at this year’s Goodguys Del Mar event, we noticed the Nova’s characteristics and personality have completely changed since our install of the Moser components; it’s like driving a new car. Wasted power that used to be directed to one spinning tire is now equally split between two. This translates into faster times through the cones and makes more use of the available power. We can even have a little fun in the turns now by sliding out the back end with some extra throttle. Plus, burnouts have become a lot more interesting. CHP


Royal Purple
Porter, TX 77365
Moser Engineering
Portland, IN 47371
Manny's Hardcore Performance




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