Nelson Racing Engines Unleashes a 1,000hp Pump-Gas LSX - LSXtasy

Nelson Racing Engines Unleashes a 1,000hp Pump-Gas LSX

Michael Galimi Mar 30, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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Topping off the engine is the crown jewel of NRE engineering and perhaps the most distinctive component in the entire package. The new NRE sheetmetal intake features a billet inlet that incorporates an internal dual-blade throttle body. The intake also has dual injectors per cylinder and an Aeromotive fuel system with two pumps and NRE billet fuel pressure regulators for Octane-On-Demand. It’s a system that NRE developed that allows the use of two fuel tanks with two different octane fuels. As the engine gets into big boost, the ECU will automatically transfer over to the high-octane fuel system to keep detonation away. The Octane-On-Demand is an optional add-on for those who crave the 1,400hp setting on the boost controller.

I think what separates us from others is that we’ve been building turbo engines for over 15 years. We have tested quite a bit over the years and with complete builds in our Nelson SuperCars division we’ve learned a lot in the real world. This was really huge in understanding what these engines need, Nelson says. For those who want more power but still keep the LS package, NRE has another series with a more aggressive camshaft and it makes 1,070 hp on pump gas and 1,600 hp on the race-only stuff. And for those looking for even more power there is the NRE Warrior line. It isn’t for the faint of heart as the 454ci bullet is based on the GMPP LSX tall-deck block (9.700 inches) and cranks out 1,500 hp on pump gas and nearly 2,500 hp on race fuel.

Picking up the phone and ordering the NRE 388 is easy but some might wince at the $35,000 price tag. Most people don’t realize that for that amount of greenbacks the package is all-inclusive. NRE delivers a complete, ready-to-run system with a twin-turbo kit (stainless steel headers, Turbonetics 61mm turbochargers and matching wastegates, air-to-air or air-to-water intercooler), complete fuel system, ignition system, Electromotive Tec 3R ECU with custom NRE tune, wiring harness, and all the sensors, and as Nelson put it, It’s an engineered package that saves countless hours and dollars. Just add fuel and you are ready to eliminate anything that lines up against you. CHP


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