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A self-tuning EFI system for the street

Sean Haggai Jan 6, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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It wasn’t long ago that aftermarket fuel injection kits and systems were left to the engine builds with endless budgets or for owners with deep pockets. At best, even if the fuel injection were obtainable in the budget, tuning it would require a degree in physics and a hefty knowledge of algorithms; it involved running countless amounts of wiring, examining tables and curves, and practically designing your own fuel maps too. Let’s face it, they were a mess to install and flat-out expensive. Fortunately for us, that’s changed and these days, installing a complete system isn’t any harder than opening up the box, connecting some plugs, and turning the key to fire the engine. Yes, it really is that simple.

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The old-school ideology of a carbureted system has been the norm for years and it’s always worked for us. Run some fuel lines, attach the linkage, and adjust the idle/air mixtures. Basically, a set it and forget it deal. Well, that same train of thought is still possible with FAST’s latest fuel injection system.

To get some firsthand experience with the system and its functions, we ordered one and tried it out on our latest 383ci build. The good news is, FAST’s EZ-EFI is capable of supporting up to 550 hp and includes their FAST ECU, a wideband oxygen sensor, the wiring harness, four fuel injectors, and a 4150-style throttle body, a fuel pump kit is optional. Simply hook up the four main wires, including any optional wiring for the fuel system, answer the basic setup questions on the supplied handheld display, and the system tunes itself as you drive. The beauty of this system is in its ability to seamlessly adapt and learn as a late-model car does. This means a foolproof system that will adhere to any driving situation while also reducing fuel consumption. Not only will this make everyday driving blissfully entertaining but reliable as well.

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Make no mistake; this is the most straightforward fuel injection system we’ve ever tested. It was unbelievably easy to install and if you’re looking to convert your street mill to take advantage of modern-day fuel injection, you’ll be happy to know that FAST’s EZ-EFI is a complete plug-and-play system at its best.

Engine Size 383 ci
Compression 9.6:1
Fuel 91
Timing 34 degrees
Air/Fuel Ratio 12.6 (avg.)
3,000 399 228
3,100 401 236
3,200 409 249
3,300 419 263
3,400 427 278
3,500 435 290
3,600 443 304
3,700 449 316
3,800 454 329
3,900 460 341
4,000 464 354
4,100 467 364
4,200 467 374
4,300 468 383
4,400 469 393
4,500 469 402
4,600 469 411
4,700 470 421
4,800 470 430
4,900 469 437
5,000 466 444
5,100 463 450
5,200 459 454
5,300 451 456
5,400 443 455
5,500 435 455
5,600 428 456
5,700 423 460
5,800 420 464
5,900 420 470
6,000 415 475
6,100 406 472
6,200 392 463
AVG. 442 387
PEAK 470 475

MFG Description PN Cost
FAST EZ-EFI Master Kit 30227-KIT $2,136


Comp Cams
Memphis, TN 38118
Westech Performance
Mira Loma, CA 91752


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It wasn’t long ago that aftermarket fuel injection kits and systems were left to the engine builds with endless budgets or fo...
Sean Haggai Jan 6, 2011


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