Project F73 Chevrolet Camaro Moser Rearend And Baer 6P Install - Fortified

Gets A Complete Moser Rearend With Baer 6P Brakes

Dan Sanchez Nov 5, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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The Pro Plus system also features a parking brake that fits inside the rear rotor hat. Because the rear caliper bracket bolts onto the axle flange, Baer supplies a new backing plate spacer that will allow the parking brake system to bolt onto the rear caliper mount bracket. The procedure calls for simultaneously inserting the axle, parking brake, and spacer plate to the housing. A&E found it was easier to use a light adhesive to hold the spacer plate onto the parking brake unit, which makes installing the hex head bolts through the hole in the axle flange much simpler.

Once this was done, the calipers need to be properly aligned to the rotors. Shims are used to align the top and bottom of the caliper mounting bracket to the axle flange bracket. A&E measured the distances between the inner sidewall of the caliper to the rotor, and used the appropriate amount of shims to ensure they were properly aligned. With the correct combination of shims in place the caliper bracket is bolted to the axle bracket. When it comes time to change pads, however, the calipers can be unbolted from the top of the caliper bracket, leaving the axle mount brackets and shims in their permanent position.

To gain as much traction as possible, it was imperative to stuff some wide rubber into the rear wheelwells. Although we made plenty of room with the DSE rear tubs and QuadraLink suspension system we also had to utilize a custom set of wheels: a set of Rushforth 18x12 Livewire wheels for the rear and 18x10s for the front. They have a brushed-aluminum face with a clearcoat, and polished inner and outer lips. With a 5.625-inch rear backspacing on the rear pair, we were able to fit BFGoodrich P335/30ZR18 tires with plenty of room to spare.

The wheels have plenty of clearance between the shocks, inner fenders, and outer fenders. Furthermore, the Detroit Speed suspension also allows us to fine-tune the ride height with the adjustable coilover shocks, and aside from the fact that the rear looks totally sick, it has the right combination of rubber, traction control, and power distribution that will make the car incredibly fun to drive on the street and track.


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Santa Fe Springs, CA
Rushforth Wheels
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Moser Engineering
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