1972 Chevrolet Nova Pertronix Ignitor III Install - Max Value

Upgrading To A Pertronix Ignitor III

Sean Haggai Oct 29, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Quick Notes

What Is It:
Pertronix Ignitor III rev-limiter with multi-spark ignition HC coil

Bottom Line:
Low cost, increased spark, and easy to install

Cost (Approx):

When we first completed the small-block swap into our '72 Nova, we left the ignition duties to a Pertronix Ignitor II distributor with an HV coil. While this system has been working flawless, we wanted to check out Pertronix's latest offering: the Ignitor III.

chp_01_o 1972_chevrolet_nova_pertronix_ignitor_iii_install Hood_removal 2/18

If you didn't already know, the Ignitor II has a microcontroller that senses coil current and adjusts dwell to maintain peak coil energy throughout the entire rpm range. Impressive as it is, Pertronix took it to the next level with their Ignitor III module by adding multi-spark capability throughout the entire rpm range, whereas most traditional ignition boxes drop the multi-spark function at 3,000 rpm. Additionally, the Ignitor III has five times the spark energy over a conventional points system. One of our favorite features is the trick built-in digital rev limiter that's located underneath the cap.

When it came to installing our ignition upgrade, we went to Al Jimenez, who is an advanced auto shop teacher at North Hollywood High. Jimenez was kind enough to offer up his well equipped facility, along with the knowledge his current advanced auto shop students have obtained. Follow along as we swap out the previous setup for the new Ignitor III module and HC coil.

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