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Pontiac G8 Performance Enhancers - Blown G8 Power Enhancements, V.3 - Tech

Is Adding A Fuel System, A Shot Of Meth, And A Few Extra Psi Of Boost A Guaranteed Recipe For 700 Hp At The Wheels?

Sep 21, 2010
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A true horsepower junkie has a serious problem-it's called never leaving well enough alone. As if 600 horsepower at the wheels of our G8 grocery-getter wasn't enough, we decided to up the ante a bit. It is still hard to fathom that a stock appearing four-door sedan can spank just about anything on the road, never mind having the potential of laying down 700 hp at the wheels. That's right, we were originally going to shoot for 650 hp, but what the hell? It's our party.

gmhtp_01_o Pontiac_g8_performance_enhancers Dyno 2/28

During our previous installment of Blown G8 Power Enhancements we pounded together a beefier L76/6-litre foundation to handle the punishment of our horsepower addiction. The short list of items included Mahle forged pistons, Eagle H-beam forged rods, ARP hardware, and a Comp 0.614/0.624-inch lift camshaft with 222/238 duration. After topping off the 6.0L with its L92 heads, containing slight exhaust porting, a valve job, and unshrouded valves, we were rewarded with a healthy 602 hp and 506 lb-ft of torque.

In order to gain an additional 100 rwhp we're going to have to safely take the beast to the edge. First thing in mind is to add more boost, which will obviously require more fuel. Adding more boost, complemented with the proper amount of fuel will put us in a safe haven, as far as air/fuel ratios and detonation are concerned. However, adding boost will create more heat in the engine hampering overall performance gains. In order to keep the air charge cool we called upon the folks at Painless Performance Products for one of its Striker Cold Shot water/methanol injection kits. Water/methanol injection will help cool the air charge and combustion temperatures, while increasing the octane of the combustible fuel, hence allowing for a more aggressive tune on pump gas.

Additional fuel will come via a proprietary Tune Time Performance in-tank dual-pump design that has not yet been released for public viewing. We then proceeded to call upon the pros at Aeromotive for a little direction into which fuel pressure regulator and fuel rails should be utilized to feed the beast, and as usual Aeromotive had just what we needed. Transferring the fuel from the tank and back will be handled utilizing Russell Pro Classic Hose, which is lighter than standard braided line and much easier to cut when installing hose ends.

Once again we're on our way to see Matt Hauffe and the gang at Tune Time Performance in Toms River, New Jersey, to have all of our components professionally installed. Once completed we'll strap the G8 to Tune Time's Mustang Dyno and let it rip!


Painless Performance Products
Ft. Worth, TX 76105
Tune Time Performance
Lakewood, NJ 08701



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