October 2010 Chevy High Performance Engine Guide - Swing Away

CHP's Guide To Big-Inch Crate Engines

Sean Haggai Aug 31, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Mast Motorsports
Touching upon the LSX-style engines, Mast has created their Black Label X-Block 454 SS. It's a true 7.4L big-block that revs to 7,250 rpm and will run on pump gas. Beginning with a fully machined iron LSX block, Mast adds a Callies 4.125-inch crankshaft and H-beam rods with custom Mahle slugs. The complete assembly also comes with Mast's 12-degree CNC LS7 cylinder heads with double nitrided 0.700-inch max lift springs and hollow stainless intake/exhaust valves. Mast also includes their custom Mast LS7 hydraulic cam with GMPP Cadillac roller lifters. The ECM comes calibrated and retains the MAP/IAT harness with sensors, Bosch fuel injectors, plug wires, GM starter, and your choice of F- and Y-body or truck water pump. For induction, Mast offers a FAST LS7 intake, and a GM 90mm throttle body. A balancer and an oil pan are included to complete the package.

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Mast Motorsports

Procomp Motorsport
Procomp's big-block 496 crate engine includes a hand-picked sonic- and Magnaflux-tested four-bolt main block that has been bored to 4.130 inches. Procomp utilizes a forged 4340 4.250-inch stroke crankshaft, billet 4340 H-beam rods, and your choice of 10.5:1-compression RaceTec or Probe pistons. Procomp also adds their line of CNC ported 360cc aluminum cylinder heads that flow 360cc's. A custom steel-billet hydraulic roller camshaft is included and paired with a matching set of roller lifters. Ignition is conducted through an HEI distributor with 10mm wires. Engines come complete with breathers, water neck, water pump, and oil filter adapter. Options include polished accessories.

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Procomp Motorsport

Scoggin-Dickey Performance Centers
Beginning with the LSX Bowtie block, an all-forged and super-tough rotating assembly was added along with a pair of deep breathing LSX six-bolt cylinder heads. The combination is topped off with a high-rise intake manifold and comes ready for a four-barrel induction system. Based on the racing derived LS7 cylinder heads, these new LSX six-bolt heads provide tremendous low-end torque and great upper-rpm power. Inside sits a hydraulic roller camshaft with 0.635/0.635-inch of lift with 236/246 degrees of duration at 0.050 inches. Delivered in deluxe form, the LSX 454 arrives at your door with everything from the carb, down to the water pump. Additional features include an impressive dressed-to-impress orange powdercoated block and custom valve covers with the "LSX454" logo embossed.

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Scoggin-Dickey Performance Center


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