355ci Small Block - The Spruced Goose

A Power-Packed 355 Small-Block For The Street

Sean Haggai Jul 13, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Spray Booth
We're sprucing this powerplant not only for power, but for looks as well. We steam-cleaned our 355 small-block before it was torn down to remove all the oil residue and road grime. A trip to the local auto parts store scored us a couple cans of Dupli-Color DE1620 Chevrolet Orange spray paint. Nice and bright, just the way we like it-and it only took us about an hour to paint the block, using a piece of cardboard to avoid getting overspray on the internals. Note: Wipe down all gasket surfaces with a solvent or lacquer to remove overspray.

1009chp_08_z 355ci_small_block Chevrolet_orange_spray_paint 2/22

The Goods
Brodix did all the hard work, making our decision to use this top end kit easy. Their IK (Iron Killer) small-block combo package comes with off-the-shelf components that act like custom one-off pieces. The intake and exhaust ports have extensive CNC work and even come with cleaned and blended bowls. The IK cylinder heads come completely assembled with 11/32-inch intake/exhaust valve stems. Brodix takes it to another level by match-porting the intakes to mate up perfectly to its SP1 single-plane manifold. The combo kit comes complete with intake, exhaust, and head gaskets; NGK B8ES spark plugs; and taller "BRODIX"-cut valve covers. Brodix also flow-tests its valve job-you can't beat that!

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