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How To Measure & Install a Custom Driveshaft - Input Service - CHP Step By Step

Installing A Custom Driveshaft

Sean Haggai Apr 1, 2010

It's a bit exciting when things fall into place-literally. With the big-block engine finally nestled into its new home and our Monster TH400 transmission happily supported by our custom-bent Fab-Tech crossmember, we had one key link missing: the driveshaft. We could have located a factory driveshaft and used that, however, with the power output of the engine and the intended purpose we have in mind for the El Camino, a stock one just wouldn't take the abuse. In reality, it saved us time in the long run. If we had found a used driveshaft, chances are it may have needed to be modified, which is why we went to Denny's Driveshaft directly.

chp_01_o How_to_measure_install_a_custom_driveshaft Installation_finished 2/13

Denny's Driveshaft is no stranger to prepping your muscle ride for twist. Denny's carries over 33 years of service providing drivetrain components such as yokes, joints, hardware, and of course, custom-made driveshafts that are pre-balanced per application. Our decision to go with Denny's was natural and the ordering couldn't have been easier. Two simple and easy-to-follow printout diagrams made the measuring a breeze. All you need to do is fill out the forms with the car's measurements and you'll have a brand-new driveshaft at your door and ready to bolt into place.

While the El Camino was still hunkered down at Fab-Tech Welding in Chatsworth, California, we took advantage and had their team help with the install since we were fortunate enough to have access to their lift. We took our time and filled out Denny's diagrams with the correct measurements. While some measurements, like the width of the rear U-joint and U-joint cap diameter were noted while the car was off the ground, measurements like the overall length from the transmission case to the flat surface on the pinion yoke was taken at ride height. Taking our time, we filled out the diagrams thoroughly and faxed the measurements in. Once the driveshaft arrived it took us a matter of minutes to lock it into place. While you may notice we are still using the factory 8.2-inch, 10-bolt rearend with the 1310 yoke (25-spline), we'll be upgrading to a 1350 in the near future. Follow along as we illustrate the steps on how to measure and install a custom Denny's driveshaft.

Quick Notes

What We Did
Measured and installed a Denny's Driveshaft for our A-body El Camino

Bottom Line
The drivetrain is now complete

Cost (Approx)
$325 & Up


Denny's Driveshaft
Kenmore, NY 14217
Fab-Tech Welding
Chatsworth, CA 91311



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