Oval Port Small Block Cylinder Heads - Little Package, Big Hero

Brodix's All New Small-Block Oval Port 229

Cylinder head technology is an ever-growing evolution and these days, conventional 23 degree heads have never been better. Some say the incredible advancement comes from the needs of drag racers, who subject themselves into stringent classes requiring conventional heads. This may or may not be true, but whatever the case, cylinder heads are significantly better from what was available in the past.

chp_01_z Brodix Oval_port_229_cylinder_heads 2/6

If you recall, back in our February '09 issue ("CHP Insider," pg. 48), Jeff Brotherton gave us the inside scoop on a fresh set of small-block oval port heads that were set to be revealed later in the year. That time is now and there was no way we weren't going to follow up with Brodix to showcase their latest offering.

When we questioned Jeff about the oval port design, he noted that Brodix utilizes them because of their flow characteristics in almost every head they build. While this is true for their big-block production line, they wanted to evaluate how it would apply for the small-blocks. Jeff went on to say: "An oval port maintains a uniform shape throughout the head, from the port entrance all the way to the bowl." If you think about it, this smooth transition ultimately keeps the airflow constant, but not only that; he went on to elaborate that the constant flow also improves velocity. Simply put, this equates to more power, assuming you can take advantage of the greater flow.

chp_02_z Brodix_cylinder_heads Valves_and_combustion_chamber 3/6

For now, we're going to highlight some of the details of this big hero. We should mention that as much as we like the big flow, we can certainly appreciate its universal application with its conventional 23 degree construction. You get the high-flow characteristics of a race head, but you're not limited to a shaft-mount system, giving you the option to use standard roller rockers, intake manifolds, and valve covers.

The next time you see these heads, we'll have them resting on top of a stout 434ci short-block and see just how much steam we can make. If you want our educated guess, we think 700 hp isn't out of the question.

Quick Notes
What Is It
Oval port small-block cylinder heads

Bottom Line
Monster flow in a conventional 23 degree design

Cost (Approx)
$2,800 for the heads, $390 for the manifold, $170 to port match manifold

0.200 139 122
0.300 205 166
0.400 257 200
0.500 300 219
0.600 319 227
0.650 322 233
0.700 325 236


Mena, AR 71953




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