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Al Noe Of Trick Flow Reveals What It Takes To Design And Manufacture Topnotch Cylinder Heads And How To Choose The right Set For Your Combination

Stephen Kim Oct 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)

Small-Cube Potential
"Our GenX Street 205 is a small-runner head that works incredibly well on small-bore 4.8L or 5.3L engines," Noe explains. They feature 58cc chambers and 2.00-inch intake valves that work well with the small 205cc runner size and clear the factory bore. Of course, they can also be used on 3.900-inch stock-bore LS1s.

"We tested a set of CNC-ported Street 205s on a 10.28:1-compression 5.3L engine with one of our 216/220-at-0.050 cams, the factory truck manifold, and a 78mm throttle-body. The combination made 456 hp, but what was even more impressive was the torque curve. The engine peaks at 425 lb-ft, but makes over 400 lb-ft from 4,000 to 6,000 rpm. That's pretty decent for a 325ci motor with a near-stock idle!"

Big-Block Heads
Despite Trick Flow's vast selection of small-block cylinder heads, the company cut its teeth on big-blocks. It offers several sets of potent Rat motor castings to keep the mice at bay. Trick Flow's 280cc PowerOval heads are designed for engines up to 468 ci and feature 2.19/1.88-inch valves and 113cc combustion chambers. "These heads flow 347 cfm and make tons of torque. On our 460ci test motor with a 248/254-at-0.050 solid-roller cam and 10.25:1 compression, they made 605 hp and 556 lb-ft of torque," Noe says.

For more serious combinations, Trick Flow offers rectangle-port castings in both 320- and 360cc configurations with 122cc combustion chambers. "Our PowerPort heads move enough air to support up to 600 ci. On our 490ci test motor, the 320cc castings made 730 hp and 596 lb-ft with a 280/288-at-0.050 solid-roller cam."

LSX Menu
GM's LS engine platform is really starting to catch on in the hot rod market. Our CNC'd GenX 215cc head features 64cc chambers and 2.040-inch intake valves. Our CNC'd GenX 225cc head has a slightly larger 65cc chamber and a larger 2.055-inch intake valve for 4.000-inch-bore applications. Our CNC'd GenX 235cc head has 70cc chambers and 2.080-inch intake valves for very big-bore application, and it flows 340 cfm right out of the box. We have a customer who has used this head in a late-model F-body drag car, and with a hydraulic roller cam and single turbo, the car has gone 8.0s! Lastly, our CNC'd GenX 245cc head is for motors displacing upwards of 440 ci, or applications intended for heavy power-adder usage. We also just released an LSX-R "porters" casting, which can support up to a 265cc intake runner.

In addition to our CNC-ported heads, Trick Flow also offers LSx heads utilizing our Fast As Cast intake and exhaust runners that incorporate CNC'd chambers and bowls. For about the same money as a set of ported factory heads, you get new castings with thicker decks, premium valve springs, stainless valves, and our 13.5-degree valve angle. They're a great value for the budget-minded enthusiast.-Al Noe

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Not Just Heads
Trick Flow also manufactures a dizzying array of complementary engine hardware, which include rocker arms, pushrods, timing sets, fuel injectors, throttle-bodies, pulleys, camshafts, cold-air kits, valvesprings, valve covers, fuel pumps, gasket sets, and lifters. Likewise, Trick Flow has recently teamed up with Magnuson to offer complete Roots-style supercharger kits for EFI and carbureted motors. "They boost power output by 100-150hp, and drive like stock until you hammer the throttle," says Noe. "Our EFI lineup includes kits for 4.8L, 5.3L, and 6.0L LS-style engines. One of the most exciting developments at our shop is that we've recently started developing a blower kit for the '10 Camaro. Obviously, all these blower systems can benefit greatly when matched with a set of our heads."


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