496 Short Block Top End Engine Build - Ground & Pound

Building The Ultimate 496 Boulevard-Brawler

Sean Haggai Oct 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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1. Wilson 1-inch tapered spacer. The Black anodized piece straightens out and helps atomize the fuel before it reaches the chambers. An affordable way to free up those last few ponies.

2. Cylinder heads are RHS 320cc aluminum pieces. Each comes complete out of the box for $1,020. Exhaust ports are raised 0.500 inch and come predrilled for front accessories.

3. Straight from the box with almost no jetting, the carburetor performed flawlessly. While the carb came with 79/79 primary/secondary jets, we ended up only jetting the secondaries to an 81.

4. Pertronix billet distributor with Flame-Thrower II ignition coil. If you already know what kind of motor you're running, call Pertronix ahead of time to set up a custom distributor curve.

5. Set of eight Zex spark plugs. Their heat range kept our big-block happy on the dyno, which meant there was no detonation or knocking. These feature a 0.708-inch reach and three electrodes for better spark distribution.

6. YearOne tall chrome valve covers for '65-87 big-blocks. While they appear stock, they're actually 1/2-inch taller to accommodate the use of roller rockers. They don't have the slant for power brakes, either.




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